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BotGaming is a blockchain powered gambling platform for messenger bots. Verifiability of odds and building users' trust represent our core values. This is why BotGaming has been built using open source PRNG to make interactions inside the game session transparent and verifiable. BotGaming uses blockchain protocol at the game’s session level. Once the game session begins, all transactions like slot machine spins or poker hands are gas-free and are processed almost instantaneously. What problems does BotGaming solve Despite the high rates of growth of the industry, trust in online gambling is lacking. This problem covers all aspects of the gambling industry, from PRNG to payments. The combination of open source PNRG and the processing of all external transactions using the blockchain ensures provably fair gambling. Mobile device users spend up to 70% of time using messenger apps, which make them especially promising to use as a mobile gambling platforms.

ICO Dates
09 Jul 2018 - 06 Aug 2018
Whitelist / KYC
Token Type
Available for Sale
ICO price
1 BOT = 0.01 USD
Hard Cap
20M $
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    Games: PokerBot, SlotoBot, LotteryBot, TotoBot Market Research White Paper Game Smart Contracts New PRNG Bot Gaming platform MVP Start Roadshow

  • 2
    IQ 2018

    PRNG Serification with NMi Investor’s area with multi currency support Provably Fair Service

  • 3
    IIQ 2018

    Public Presale Wallet for games KYC for games Relaunch as real money gambling: Slotobot, LotoBot, TotoBot Affiliate program Marketing campaign BotGaming platform website

  • 4
    IIIQ 2018

    The Tokensale Token distribution BOT token listing with exchanges Activation of Bankor Token Changer Games: DiceBot, BlackJack, Bingo, Baccarat, Sport Betting Poker relaunch Lottery for token holders

  • 5
    IVQ 2018

    Games: Pachinko Ai based functions: Natural Language Processing for sport betting BigData to realize players behavioral patterns

  • 6
    IQ 2019

    Games: Fantasy Football AI driven system to improve players retention

  • 7
    IIQ-IIIQ 2019

    HTML5 interface for games eSports