Bright Network

ICO Starts
in 13 days 15 hours


Through an open protocol and data marketplace powered by blockchain, our mission is to connect a new generation of financial services to the data economy.

ICO Dates
01 Feb 2019 - 28 Feb 2019
Whitelist / KYC
KYC & Whitelist
Token Type
Available for Sale
Pre sale Price
1 Bright = 0.01
ETH, BTC, Fiat
Hard Cap
25M $
Tokens for sale
Pierre Proner
Co-Founder and CEO
Anthony Martin
Co-Founder and Advisor
Tomaso Aste
Scientific Director of the UCL
Desigan Chinniah
Open Innovation Director at Moz
  • 1

    AMPP Group runs successful FinTech business in partnership with government and private sector, amassing database of over 34,500 businesses.

  • 2
    q2 2017

    Concept for Bright conceived and spun out of AMPP; Strategy and business plan created; Technical research and development begins.

  • 3
    q3 2017

    Idea validated through customer development model, gaining extensive feedback from businesses and FinTechs.

  • 4
    q4 2017

    Go-to-market strategy defined and early adopter cohort of 650 businesses identified and approached to secure participation; Version 1 of Whitepaper is released.

  • 5
    Q1-Q2 2018

    Technical architecture built and tested.

  • 6
    Q3 2018

    Alpha version of first dApp to use Bright Protocol for credit scoring and lending is released to Testnet by Bright Labs; Public tech paper series begins.

  • 7
    Q4 2018

    Private Sale Begins.

  • 8
    Q1 2019

    Production specifications for Data Vaults and Network Protocol released; Public Beta of Bright Labs dApp released to Mainnet; Beta tests start with cohort of 650 businesses.

  • 9
    Q2 2019

    Data Vault and Network; Protocol adopts RFC process.

  • 10
    Q3 2019

    Developer APIs released; Initial cohort of FinTechs are onboarded.

  • 11
    Q4 2019

    Data marketplace expansion in initial go-to-markets; Prepare for international expansion.

  • 12

    International expansion beyond initial go-to-markets commences.