ICO Ended
318 days 9 hours ago


Corld is a brand new social platform built upon collaboration, collectivity, co-creation and sharing economy. Corld will disrupt today’s social networking with two unique concepts; “Journey” and “Cedium”. Journey is a visual collection of experiences, passions, interests, events, persons and so much more. The “Journey” system will give all Corld users an exceptional social networking experience by allowing total control on what to share, how to share and with whom to share. Corld will build the future of social networking with a unique sharing economy model based on tokenization as well. Unlike established social networks which are beneficial only for the few who use personal data of many as commodities, Corld will share its economic value with all of its users via Cedium, which is Corld’s medium of exchange and the sole accounting unit of Corld platform. Both individuals and businesses will be able to use Cedium, which serves as the sole accounting unit of Corld, for all economic transactions made within Corld. All Corld users will be able to obtain Cediums via Cedium Rewards Pool. 15% of total Cedium supply will be allocated to the Cedium Rewards Pool. One third of the Rewards Pool will be distributed to initial users and will continue to be distributed maximum equivalent of one third of the remainder per annum.

ICO Dates
05 Nov 2018 - 03 Dec 2018
Whitelist / KYC
Token Type
Available for Sale
ICO price
1 CEU = 0.06 USD
Hard Cap
8M $
Tokens for sale
Nov05 - Nov12 Up to 30%

Nov12 - Nov19 Up to 20%

Nov19 - Nov26 Up to 15%

Nov26 - Dec03 Up to 15%

Dec03 - Dec10 Up to 10%

Dec10 - Dec17 Up to 5%

Dec17 - Dec31 Up to 0%

Cem Unsal
Co-Founder and CEO
Cenk Unsal
Co-Founder and COO
Gozde Kucukoglu
Head of Product Marketing
Erman Mec
Head of Business Development
Avi Albohayre
Head of Communications
Sam Onat Yilmaz
Investor, Finance Advisor
Gavin Knight
Investor, Technology Advisor
Thomas Gross
Legal Advisor
  • 1
    October 2018

    MVP without Cedium Token (CEU) Integration is Ready & CEU Integrated Prototype is Ready; Smart Contract and Token Development & Security Audits.

  • 2
    November 2018

    CEU Integrated Product Design; Pre-TDE.

  • 3
    December 2018

    CEU Integrated Product Development; Token Distribution Event.

  • 4
    December 2018

    CEU Integrated Product Development; Token Distribution Event.

  • 5
    January - Febr 2019

    CEU Integrated Product Development; Secondary Market Launch.

  • 6
    March 2019

    Beta testing & User Onboarding.

  • 7
    April 2019

    Product Launch.

  • 8
    May 2019

    User Testing & Improvements & Expanding CEU Integration.