We eradicate counterfeit products. checkitsreal is an app-based ecosystem built on Blockchain technology to support product verification and traceability which detects and eliminates counterfeit products. checkitsreal delivers validation tags (NFC chips, RFID, QR codes, Holograms) and verification services to all market sectors, including pharma, apparel, foodstuffs, consumer electronics, cosmetics, beauty products and toiletries. We spend over $1.7 Trillion on counterfeit products every year. checkitsreal is the only app available today which allows anyone, anywhere, instantly validate the authenticity of a product using their smartphone. Product manufacturers purchase checkitsreal products and QR codes using CIRTokens. This is the only form of payment we accept. Don't trust its real, checkitsreal.

ICO Dates
Whitelist / KYC
Token Type
Available for Sale
Pre sale Price
1 CIR = 0.2 USD
ICO price
1 CIR = 3 CIR
Hard Cap
20M $
Tokens for sale
InviteOnlyRound Up to 25%

  • 1
    May, 2017

    Idea genesis. Initial team established.

  • 2
    June, 2017

    Research. Patent application development process.

  • 3
    July, 2017

    Verifymymeds MVP developed.

  • 4
    August, 2017

    Initial Blockchain established.

  • 5
    September, 2017

    Verifymymeds v1.0 launched on Play Store. Initial Blockchain and IT team come on board.

  • 6
    October, 2017

    Patent Pending Status granted by UK Patent Office. verifymymeds company established (Ireland).

  • 7
    November, 2017 live. App v1.2 released.

  • 8
    December, 2017

    Blockchain v2 released. Verifymymeds app v2 released. Head of Customer Support recruited.

  • 9
    January, 2018

    John Hand joins as SVP Technology and Architecture. Sean Honan joins as Campaign Director. Decision to ICO ratified by company board of Directors.

  • 10
    February, 2018

    Liz Sherlock joins as CFO. Martin Wickham joins as COO. Simon Cocking joins as Strategic Advisor. George El Aily joins as Strategic Advisor. launched.

  • 11
    March, 2018

    ICO Preparation. Launch apps on iTunes. Further enhance team.

  • 12
    April, 2018

    Invite-only ICO launch. Secure additional customers. Prep for Pre-ICO.

  • 13
    May, 2018

    Pre-ICO launch and complete. Secure additional team resources (Sales/Marketing; R&D).

  • 14
    June, 2018

    ICO Launch and Complete. Establish new office location. Commence development of additional applications.

  • 15
    July, 2018

    Sales team setup. Marketing director appointed. V3 of apps launched on Play Store and iTunes.

  • 16
    August, 2018

    Secure major customers in Pharma / Luxury goods and food. Extend app development team. Launch checkitsreal Blockchain v3.

  • 17
    September, 2018

    Launch full checkitsreal ID service. checkitsreal ID portal launch. Integration with key manufacturers CRM systems.

  • 18
    October, 2018

    Major verifymymeds customer launch. Working with specific governments, verifymymeds. becomes a standard in certain countries .

  • 19
    November, 2018

    # codes issued crosses 5m mark. checkitsreal track and trace functionality deployed. Websites updated with greater content and dashboard functionality.

  • 20
    December, 2018

    # codes hits 10m mark. Client base hits +20. Key partnerships established with AI technology companies .