ICO Ended
565 days 9 hours ago


Coin Trade Base is a multi-sided platform which incorporates different kinds of exchanges to shine users' experience, and oversimplify digital-to-fiat and digital-to-digital exchange among traders, investors and ordinary persons. The fuel which powers the ecosystem is the CTB token, which will be used to pay for the listings, and votings, with a special market created for different CTB-altcoin pairs. CTB token is an ERC 20 token issued by Coin Trade Base. As the cryptocurrencies industry is getting more matured day-by-day, it is paramount the traders, ordinary persons and investors are able to safeguard and exchange their coins and tokens without any hiccup. It's no doubt exchanges (for this kind of a purpose) are sprouting at a rate which is proportional to the crypto-industry growth. However, security, active support system, fiat gateway, among others still remain very big issues. Coin Trade Base reaches to solve these issues through its exchanges. Our mission is to build a robust platform which can withstand any amount of influx, cast off any security threat, and stand the test of time(as regards positive users' experience and feedback). To boot, we strive to make Coin Trade Base the number-one and largest cryptocurrency-exchange platform in the world in terms of safety, trust, active support system and simplified user's interface for beginners, pro traders, ordinary persons and investors.


ICO Dates
10 Jul 2018 - 25 Dec 2018
Whitelist / KYC
Token Type
Available for Sale
ICO price
1 CTB = 0.2 USD
Hard Cap
12M $
Tokens for sale
1st stage Up to 30%

2nd stage Up to 20%

3rd stage Up to 10%

  • 1
    October 2017

    Team Formation Webdesign

  • 2
    January 2018

    Technical Development

  • 3
    April 2018

    Preparation and deployment of CTB Smart Contract. Whitepaper Preparation

  • 4
    July 2018

    Airdrop and Bounty Campaign. Recruitment of more Team members and country representatives. Token Sale. Addition of More Developers.

  • 5
    October 2018

    Partnering with different technology companies. CTB exchange community awareness. Launching of Cryptocurrency escrow and digital asset exchange. Listing of CTB token on Coinmakretcap

  • 6
    January 2019

    Marketing, Promiting & Awareness of CTB Token. Launching of CTB Cryptocurrency exchange.

  • 7
    April 2019

    Awareness of CTB workshop

  • 8
    July 2019

    Organising Conferences

  • 9
    October 2019

    Advancement of platform security features.

  • 10
    June 2020

    Launching of CTB Credit card. Solution Wallet. Blockchain and Decentrailized Exchange.