"CrypStock is a crypto asset management at a whole new level! Token holders will be entitled to the profit share from our revolutionary Inter-exchange platform operations and financial infrastructure. All contributors will be paid out bi-monthly in ETH at pro-rata basis."

  • 1
    November, 2016

    Classical Exchange Development. Exchange founders are participating in development os Israel Exchange.

  • 2
    January, 2017

    Classical Exchange Development. Collection of the analytics of cryptocurrency trade operations in 15 exchanges.

  • 3
    June, 2017

    Algorithms Development of automated trading algorithm.

  • 4
    September, 2017

    The decision. Founders of the project decide to develop an automated solution for interexchange trade with multiple subsystems.

  • 5
    November 1, 2017

    Technical specification. Terms of reference prepared, approved by the founders of the company. Preparations for the project have begun.

  • 6
    December 3, 2017

    Project development start. The implementation of the project with a fully formed project team has begun.

  • 7
    January 29, 2018

    Incorporation. Company incorporation and all legal procedures as per Israel laws.

  • 8
    January, 2018

    ATM Department created.A professional team for the development of ATM network in Israel, Germany and Cyprus is gathered.

  • 9
    February 28, 2018

    Project fork. Main ChipMine project investors voted for project split for ChipMine R&D and Crypstock Exchange.

  • 10
    May-June, 2018

    Mockup. Consolidated OrderBook based on 30 cryptocurrency exchanges and trading engine in the virtual mode.

  • 11
    July-August, 2018

    Prototype A. The completed exchange system, including funding, portfolio management and arbitrage subsystem in the real time and the virtual trading mode.

  • 12
    September-October, 2018

    Prototype B. Main exchange functionality in the real trading mode based on 30 exchanges (buffer accounts in at least 10 exchanges).

  • 13
    November, 2018

    Pilot Version. Full working exchange system opened for the limited group of traders (testing & QA mode).

  • 14
    December, 2018

    Beta Version. Full working exchange system, 30 exchanges, 10+ trading pairs + own tokens.