CyBet is decentralized and is self-regulating. No more worries about regulations or betting companies also known as bookmakers. In addition, the betting platform will ensure that all CyBet Club members are 100% anonymous and thus protecting identities. CyBet Club members will use preferred nicknames in the betting platform. 100% of CyBet Club operating revenue is used to reward the CyBet token holders for their loyalty by taking the CyBet token revenue out of circulation for 1,000days; and that's where it gets exciting, the more bets users place the more valuable CyBet becomes. That's because taking Cybet tokens out of circulation for 1,000days using secure smart contracts shrinks the token supply and scarcity drives up the price of CyBet. We call this value coupling. The usage of CyBet is systematically tied to the value of the token. The passion for sports must be rewarded. CyBet tokens will be automatically sent to your Ethereum (ETH) address immediately after transaction is completed.

ICO Dates
Whitelist / KYC
Token Type
Tokens for sale
  • 1
    2018 Q1

    Concept Concept Generation Team Assemble - Constitute Technical and Advisory Team

  • 2
    2018 Q2

    Research Proving the concept can work Strategic Plan White paper development

  • 3
    2018 Q3

    Token Design Design & Develop ICO Smart Contract Design Betting Smart Contracts Design Token Vault Smart Contract

  • 4
    2018 Q4

    Token Sale Private Mini Token Sale - Testing Automated Token Distribution with Smart Contracts Public ICO Token Sale

  • 5
    2019 Q1

    Betting Smart Contracts Develop Betting Smart Contracts Develop Token Vault Smart Contract

  • 6
    2019 Q2

    Design Application Programming Interface

  • 7
    2019 Q3

    Development Application Programming Interface Mobile & Web Sports Betting Application with API Integrated Custom Sport Betting Odds Integration

  • 8
    2019 Q4

    Testing External Trusted Sport Betting Odds Integration Web Sports Betting Application Alpha & Beta Tests Web Sports Betting Application Beta Release

  • 9
    2020 Q1

    Release Web Sports Betting Application Release Mobile Sports Betting Application Alpha & Beta Tests Mobile Sports Betting Application Beta Release

  • 10
    2020 Q2

    Pre-Launch Mobile Sports Betting Application Release Pre-launch marketing

  • 11
    2020 Q3/Q4

    Launch Mobile & Web Sports Betting Application Launch Product Marketing