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CyteCoin - a crypto-currency that builds the underlining infrastructure layer of AR/VR/360 advertising ecosystem. Through the tokenization, content producers, event organizers, KOLs, sponsors, advertisers, merchants, and audiences can now be promoting and transacting their products and services by a unit of CyteCoin. This decentralization model will also be accelerating the adoption of AR/VR/360 content consumption making CyteCoin the most powerful and widely accepted crypto-currency in the digital advertising space.

ICO Dates
16 Jun 2018 - 15 Jul 2018
Whitelist / KYC
Token Type
Available for Sale
ICO price
1 CTC = 0.116 USD
Hard Cap
15M $
Tokens for sale
More 500,000 Up to 5%

More 1,000,000 Up to 10%

  • 1
    2018 Q3

    Aggregate more content through partnerships; Sign up new international events and event organizers; Sign up influencers and celebrities; Expand into other territories, such as Macau and Korea; Develop new VirtualCyte VR/360 mobile app.

  • 2
    2018 Q4

    Official CyteCoin Token crowdsale will be held on 7 Jun, 2018; Launch Alpha version of VirtualCyte VR/360 mobile app; Develop Smart Contracts apps; Expand into other countries in Asia Pacific region, such as Singapore and Taiwan.

  • 3
    2019 Q1

    Add mobile object-tracking features on VR/360 mobile app; Develop AR mobile functionalities; Develop online ad campaign dashboard for advertisers; Sign up new business partners and merchants; Launch VirtualCyte mobile app V1.0.

  • 4
    2019 Q2

    Beta test CyteCoin token protocol with selected stakeholders - advertiser, sponsor, influencer, content producer, merchant, business partner, and audience; Aggregate more traffic through online advertising