ICO Ended
673 days 11 hours ago


DeStream is the first decentralized global financial ecosystem for streamers. The main aim of project DeStream is establishing a decentralized global platform for the streaming market that will allow maximizing the productivity of streamers, diversifying their activities and securing start-up capital. We are establishing an innovative platform that will act as an ecosystem for streamers. The use of blockchain technology will allow us to reduce transaction fees by more than twofold. Decentralization will allow us to exclude payment systems from the process and reduce numerous transactions costs. Thus, we will improve the quality of the content and the streamers will be allowed to focus on creation, instead of operational activities.


ICO Dates
01 Aug 2018 - 30 Sep 2018
Whitelist / KYC
Token Type
Available for Sale
ICO price
1 DST = 0.006 USD
Hard Cap
12M $
Aug 1—15 Up to 25%

Aug 15—29 Up to 20%

Aug 29—Sep 5 Up to 15%

Sep 5—Sep 12 Up to 10%

Sep 12—Sep 19 Up to 5%

Sep 19—Sep 30 Up to 0%

Park Ki Sik
  • 1
    Q1-Q2 2018

    Design concept development.Mobile applications design concept development.Platform prototype development.Start of portal development.

  • 2
    Q3-Q4 2018

    Finalizing the consensus for the blockchain.Cryptographic Token pre-mining.Token sale.Distribution of the cryptographic Token in accordance with the results of the Token sale.

  • 3
    Q1-Q2 2018

    Running the alpha version of the platform.Integration of platform payments into a public blockchain.Beginning of OBS fork development for integration of DeStream services.Integration of payment gateways.Streamer portal release.Dev.of the DeStream portal.

  • 4
    Q1-Q2 2019

    The development of mechanics based on centralized solutions.Development of voting system based on the blockchain.Alpha version of mobile app.Integration with XSplit.Cloud storage of overlays.

  • 5
    Q3-Q4 2019

    Open Beta.Annual DeStream Fest.Testing mechanics on smart contracts.Beta version of Marketplace.Overlay editor release.

  • 6
    Q3-Q4 2019

    Release of OBS’s own module.The first release of mobile applications.Development of the market for digital assets.Module for creating challenges.Development of a Portal for Advertisers.

  • 7
    Q1-Q2 2020

    Designing smart mechanisms for streamers.Development of personalized subscriptions.Ability to create a service catalog.Release of Marketplace for products. Transfer of all mechanics to smart contracts.

  • 8
    Q1-Q2 2020

    A full-fledged smart contract editor.Release of Portal for Advertisers.Big data analytics for advertisers.Integration with service providers.

  • 9
    Q3-Q4 2020

    Platform development.VR support.Annual DeStream Fest.