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684 days 7 hours ago


Ekspa is not just a web application, it is a multi-faceted platform that will allow, on the one hand, to connect customers and suppliers without intermediaries, providing a basic service, the use of the platform for free, that is, according to the Freemium model. On the other hand, it will allow advertisers and investors to quickly find the target audience. Thus, the main task - to search on the platform and establish contacts will be free, allowing you to attract as many users to the application. While any user based on the use of the premium package will be able not only to use the platform, but also to further shape web marketing operations in the application, for example, to run advertising in the selected industry.


ICO Dates
01 Aug 2018 - 31 Aug 2018
Whitelist / KYC
Token Type
Available for Sale
Pre sale Price
1 EKSP = 0.2 USD
ICO price
1 EKSP = 0.4 USD
Hard Cap
9M $
Tokens for sale
Andrey Nikitin
Boris Maslov
Aleksey Nikiforov
Author Of The Idea, Founder
  • 1
    April 2018

    Presale preparation, team selection.Prototype preparation.

  • 2
    May 2018

    Prototype development.Possibility of registration.Ability to form requests and offers in the application.Command expansion.

  • 3
    June 2018

    Prototype development.Ability to create and manage ads.Personal account for the Investor.Integration of premium-logic.

  • 4
    July 2018

    Prototype development.Extending the functionality of working with requests.Connecting tokens to the system.Expanding the functionality of payment tokens in the system.Adding "news" functionality.User management.Advertising company.

  • 5
    August 2018

    Prototype development.Ability to run auctions.Implementation of smart contracts "Smart reputation".Verification of companies with the help of arbitrators-companies.Charging tokens for viewing ads.Analytics and reports.Advertising company.

  • 6
    September 2018

    Start of trial operation of the product with cryptotoken connection.Approximate number of users- (5000-10000)

  • 7
    October 2018

    Beta development:Adding a "Multi-Sign" module

  • 8
    November 2018

    Beta development:Adding a "Green light" module.Add vote for features.

  • 9
    December 2018

    Commissioning of the product.Develop a usage network (approximately 20,000-50,000 users ) for the first two months after launch.Advertising company.

  • 10
    January 2019

    The release of the mobile version (IOS, Android).

  • 11
    February 2019

    Advertising company.Accountability.Number of users (200 000).

  • 12
    April 2019

    Advertising company.Accountability.Adding multilingual search.

  • 13
    September 2019

    Advertising company.Accountability.The addition of the neural network search.Number of users (500 000).

  • 14
    October 2019

    Advertising company.Accountability.Release the desktop version (Windows).

  • 15
    December 2019

    Advertising company.Accountability.Adding the module "Investing".