EPIPHANY (epnex.io) is one of the most promising exchange projects with huge potential due to its openness to collaborate with other exchanges to create a cluster which will bring one of the most game changer services to the crypto industry. EPIPHANY’s goal is to be the center where many compliant and successful exchanges can join to provide first class exchange services in all regions. We are also developing an innovative brokerage service with user friendly UI and UX to help more people join the crypto world and helping them get a positive experience.


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Mark Ren
  • 1
    January 27, 2018

    EPIPHANY was initiated in New York.

  • 2
    January 28, 2018

    Technical R&D Team and Operation Team were formally established.

  • 3
    February 2018

    Blockchain technology companies and investment institutes from New York, California, Washington, Texas, North Carolina, Illinois, Arizona and Montana joined the EPIPHANY ecosystem.

  • 4
    February 5, 2018

    EPIPHANY completed Pre-A round of financing and released 17.472% of project equity.

  • 5
    March 5, 2018

    EPIPHANY announced project commercial whitepaper.

  • 6
    April 1, 2018

    Official website of EPIPHANY was available on line.

  • 7
    April 9, 2018

    EPIPHANY and Stanford University jointly held an academic forum and the first project road show at the Stanford University School of Medicine.

  • 8
    April 10, 2018

    EPIPHANY will launch Round-A financing and release 12% of project equity.

  • 9
    April 15, 2018

    EPIPHANY will launch a Strategic Cooperation Plan for Global Trading Nodes.

  • 10
    April 20, 2018

    EPIPHANY trading system will enter a closed beta period.

  • 11
    May 9, 2018

    EPIPHANY and the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands will jointly hold a blockchain academic forum.

  • 12
    Early June 2018

    EPIPHANY trading system will enter an open beta period.

  • 13
    June 10, 2018

    EPIPHANY will launch Round-B financing and plan to release 40% of project equity.

  • 14
    July 10, 2018

    EPIPHANY will distribute TOKENs, and update member and institute information of the EPIPHANY ecosystem.

  • 15
    Mid-July 2018

    EPIPHANY trading system will enter an open beta period, and will provide 100 test IDs to invite professional users to participate in the open beta test.

  • 16
    Aug. 9, 2018

    EPIPHANY and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) will jointly hold a blockchain academic forum and a launch event.

  • 17
    Mid-August 2018

    The US super node trading platform of the EPIPHANY trading system will be formally launched.

  • 18
    September 2018

    EPIPHANY will announce technical iteration plan and initiate EPIPHANY blockchain underlying main net development.

  • 19
    October 2018

    EPIPHANY will announce the second edition of commercial whitepaper.

  • 20
    December 2018

    EPIPHANY will launch the European node trading platform and the Asia-Pacific node trading platform, and will publicly announce the 2019 EPIPHANY Annual Plan.