Era Swap Token

ICO Ended
287 days 4 hours ago


The journey of Era Swap began with research from the Kmpards team—the core team behind the formation of the Era Swap token and its ecosystem. The team determined that the current community at large needs a middle-man-free, transparent ecosystem where they can get paid directly without commissions from any employer. To establish said platform for this worldwide community, we came up with the idea to launch the Era Swap technological ecosystem, which will be supported by the Era Swap token. Our unique token ecosystem defines time as a service and offers bot services for crypto trading and crypto investment plans. The first and foremost aim behind developing the Era Swap ecosystem is to provide the benefits to the public. This token is designed to be a token of “time for work” via smart contracts that can never be bought. 5% of the total tokens will be available only during the crowd sale period. It is the last and best chance to secure your Era Swap Tokens.


ICO Dates
02 Sep 2018 - 31 Dec 2018
Whitelist / KYC
KYC & Whitelist
Token Type
ICO price
1 EST = 5.8E-5 eth
Phase I Up to 33%

Phase II Up to 18%

Phase III Up to 8%

Tarun Baur
Boris Otonicar
Blockchain Advisor
Richard Trummer
Blockchain Advisor
Tinh Tran
Advisory Board Member
  • 1
    June 2018

    Whitepaper Era Swap Token Creation

  • 2
    September 2018

    Initial Token Offer (ITO)

  • 3
    October 2018

    Blocklogy Education App V.1

  • 4
    November 2018

    Buzcafe Empanelment

  • 5
    December 2018

    Day Swappers Launch End of ITO

  • 6
    January 2019

    TimeAlly Benefit Plan

  • 7
    February 2019

    Era Swap Wallet Development

  • 8
    March 2019

    Era Swap Version - II ComputeEx Launch

  • 9
    April 2019

    Time Swappers TimeAlly Power

  • 10
    July 2019

    TimeAlly Loan

  • 11
    September 2019

    TimeAlly Insurance

  • 12
    November 2019

    Era Swap Debit Card

  • 13
    December 2019

    Decentralized Time Swappers Version - II