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Foxytrade is the international fiat platform for P2P loans based on blockchain. Foxytrade is a multi-currency platform that supports everything from fiat currencies to the latest crypto currencies. It allows you to send money in an encrypted format and secure it with state-of-the art security measures. It is a P2P exchange platform that brings together creditors and borrowers: loans are issued in the fiat currency of the country where the borrower resides. This allows the currency to be exchanged through the FXTR token if the creditor and the borrower are from different countries. Loan terms are dictated by the market. Loans will be legally enforceable and all relevant documents will be generated in the jurisdiction of the borrower’s country.


ICO Dates
01 Mar 2019 - 08 Apr 2019
Whitelist / KYC
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Available for Sale
Tokens for sale
Frank Niu
Victor Binzari
Andy Chen
Medical Advisor
Jared Polites
ICO Advisor
Ciprian Ciubotaru
Technical Advisor
  • 1
    Jan - Feb 2019

    Platform Development. • Developed the concept; conducted thorough back tests to determine fund hyperparameters; set wheels in motion to create a compliant legal structure.

  • 2
    Mar - Apr 2019

    Develop Smart Trading Contracts. Private Sale. • Development of Foxytrade Crypto back-end for multi-exchange trading. • Beginning of Private sale.

  • 3
    May 2019

    Finalize Smart Contract & MVP Protocol. • Complete smart contract to audit-ready state. Optimized autonomous index trading algorithm to mitigate front-running and slippage. Consultation with industry expert advisors.

  • 4
    Jun 2019

    Test Trading System; Security Audit. • Begin security audit and streamline all code ready for final code review process.

  • 5
    Jan - Feb 2020

    Inicial Token Sale. • Token ICO sale ICO to raise funds that will be utilized to purchase the underlying assets

  • 6
    Mar 2020 - The Future

    Public Launch on Exchanges. • (FXTR) Tokens will be listed into the exchanges, the data is pulled from the multiple exchanges - orders, volumes will be stored.