GoodX Finance Network AG is a Swiss company that is being run by a diverse, experienced and talented team based in our offices in Switzerland and Estonia. We are a fintech company with a mission to provide financial services to individuals and businesses regardless of their location, nationality, or social status. GoodX Finance Network AG together with its subsidiaries (GoodX Pay Ltd. and GoodX Payment Cards OU) is creating a platform for its customers to manage fiat currencies, cryptocurrency, investment gold, and other assets from one interface with zero fees. GoodX developed a mobile and web application that allows users access to an endless flow of liquidity and convenient way of managing their personal finance. Through the GoodX app, users can open instant accounts and personal European IBAN accounts and receive the world’s first credit card enabling payment in crypto or investment gold besides fiat currencies. Additionally, through GoodX app consumers can perform cross-border payments with a wide range of different asset classes. Users can create free instant accounts with a personal IBAN through the GoodX app. The accounts can be opened in US dollar, British Pound Sterling, Euro and other major currencies. Moreover, within the app the users can buy Bitcoin, Ether, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Stellar Lumen, GoodX Token (XFN), GoodX Stable Coins and investment gold! Having all these assets placed with the digital wallet of GoodX and connected to credit card allows users to benefit from liquidity, make any amount of purchases with merchants collaborating with GoodX, easily transfer money abroad, and exchange assets or currencies at real time rates.

ICO Dates
Whitelist / KYC
KYC & Whitelist
Token Type
Available for Sale
ICO price
1 XFN = 0.01 usd
Soft Cap
50M $
Markus Franz Breuer
President of the Board
Alex Novikovs
CEO & Co-Founder
Aivar Pihlak
CLO & Co-Founder
Roman Ganza
COO (Chief Operating Officer)
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    PHASE 1:

    Q2 2017 – Idea developed Q3 2017 – Designed the concept of the GoodX platform Q3 2017 – Developed specifications of the GoodX app

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    PHASE 1

    Q4 2017 – Registered GoodX Finance Network AG in Zug, Switzerland (Crypto Valley) Q4 2017 – Partnered with MME Legal Q1 2018 – Membership in Crypto Valley Association

  • 4
    PHASE 1

    Q2 2018 – GoodX legal structure is finalized Q2 2018 – The first card transaction in the GoodX network is done with cryptocurrency Q3 2018 – GoodX became a Stellar anchor Q3 2018 – iOS, Android, and web app beta version released

  • 5
    PHASE 1

    Q3 2018 – GoodX Credit Cards officially released Q4 2018 – GoodX consumer apps launched Q4 2018 – Added investment gold to the GoodX platform

  • 6
    PHASE 1

    Q4 2018 – GoodX Stable Coins launched Q4 2018 – GoodX Pay launched Q4 2018 – Token Generation Event Q1 2019 – Added credit card overdrafts and loans with crypto and gold as collateral

  • 7
    PHASE 2

    Q1 2019 – Credit scoring engine launched Q1 2019 – Unsecured microcredits launched worldwide Q2 2019 – Micropayments launched Q2 2019 – Lightning network implementation

  • 8
    PHASE 2

    Q3 2019 – Additional PFI integrations are completed Q3 2019 – PSD2 integration implemented, linking external accounts

  • 9
    PHASE 2

    Q4 2019 – GoodX Pay added key merchants around the world Q4 2019 – Global GoodX Agent Network is present in every major country

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    PHASE 3

    2020 – Added new asset classes and services to the GoodX network 2020 – GoodX Agent Network is available worldwide

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    PHASE 3

    2021 – Added institutional suppliers of liquidity (businesses and financial institutions) 2021 – P2P loans with guarantees are rolled out 2022 – GoodX has PFI in every major country