ICAR is a unique online service that allows you to convert architectural 3d drawings into mini-computer game with high detail and realism of materials, textures, environment and natural phenomena, with the ability to manipulate objects and interact with them in real time. As we say in our team about comparing ICAR service to other visualization programs: It’s better to play a computer game than just watch photos and videos about this computer game.


ICO Dates
Whitelist / KYC
Russian Federation
Token Type
Available for Sale
ICO price
1 ICRM = 1 usd
Soft Cap
1M $
Hard Cap
27M $
Tokens for sale
Danila Solovyev
Co-founder, Product-owner
Andrey Anatolev
Co-founder, Project-manager
  • 1
    2016 Q4

    Development of the first interactive real-time visualizations in the framework of architectural and design company.

  • 2
    2017 Q1-3

    Optimization of the visualization development process: the creation of own algorithms, templates and plug-ins that accelerate and simplify the work.Optimization of graphic parameters: levels of detail (LOD), level streaming, texture mapping.

  • 3
    2017 Q4

    Development of the first version of own interface

  • 4
    2018 Q1

    Start integrating individual developer tools into the user interface. Start work on the server version and multiplayer mode. Beginning preparations for ICO.

  • 5
    2018 Q2

    • Pre-sale of ICAREUM tokens. • Expansion of the development staff. • Launching our first custom graphics server. • Launch testing of the alpha version of the cloud service on the focus group. • Start ICO.

  • 6
    2018 Q3

    • End of the alpha test of ICAR service in the focus group. • Completion of the ICO (tentatively Aug. 31, 188) • Issue of ICAREUM tokens to crypto-currency exchanges.

  • 7
    2018 Q3

    • Upgrading the cloud service to the beta version by results of alpha testing. • Expansion of functions and catalogs of interface. • Running the beta testing of the service.

  • 8
    2018 Q4

    • Release of the cloud visualization service on the world market. • Launching additional servers for stable operation of the service in all regions of active presence.

  • 9
    2018 Q4

    • Adaptation of mobile access to the ICAR service. • Development of an ecosystem of a decentralized service.

  • 10
    2019 Q1-4

    • Testing miners support • Reinvestment of the profit received from the implementation of the cloud service - in the development of decentralized. • Release of decentralized service with a power reserve on own servers.