InsCoin for Knox Project

ICO Ended
708 days 14 hours ago


"InsCoin for Knox Project" aims to establish the first insurance company that will accept a Crypto (INSC) for the payment of insurance premiums, and the first that, with the help of the blockchain, will solve the problem of falsification of insurance policies. The KNOX project will be the first insurance company that merges the real world with the digital one using Blockchain technology, creating the most efficient and advanced structure in the sector, to find a solution to the problem of certification and anti-forgery of insurance policies. It will be the first ever to emit insurance policies both in smart-contract and traditional paper form. With the smart contract the spread of false insurance policies is avoided because it is the same system that issues them after receiving the payment. With the smart contract the company won't have delay in collecting credits, as the policy is issued only after receiving the payment.

ICO Dates
23 Jul 2018 - 30 Aug 2018
Whitelist / KYC
Token Type
Available for Sale
Pre sale Price
1 INS = 0.0002 ETH
ICO price
1 INS = 0.0002 ETH
Hard Cap
18M $
Tokens for sale
1week PRE-ICO Up to 30%

2week PRE-ICO Up to 25%

PRE-ICO+30ETH Up to 10%

PRE-ICO+50ETH Up to 15%

1-10 days ICO Up to 20%

21-30 days ICO Up to 10%

11-20 days ICO Up to 15%

ICO + 10 ETH Up to 5%

ICO + 30 ETH Up to 10%

ICO + 50 ETH Up to 15%

  • 1
    MARCH 2017

    Study project realization Team Building Establishment of the first collaborative network

  • 2
    MAY 2017

    Forecast Business plan Legal consulting Invested €150.000

  • 3
    JULY 2017

    IT insurance licensed platform Invested €300.000 for certified insurance platform

  • 4
    OCTOBER 2017

    Insurance partnerships Partnership with more than 300 insurance brokers ready to work with the companies

  • 5
    FEBRUARY 2018

    ICO planning and development of a marketing plan

  • 6
    PRE-ICO (JUNE 2018)

    Start of the PRE-ICO

  • 7
    ICO (JULY 2018)

    Start of the ICO

  • 8
    SUMMER 2018

    Trade inscoin on the main exchanges InsCoin will be listed on main exchanges to guarantee easy implementation to future customers of the companies and proper volumes compared to our income.

  • 9
    AUTUMN 2018

    Compliance to obtain insurance license We will obtain authorizations from official authorities of the three nations to provide legal insurance service.

  • 10
    WINTER 2018

    Introduction of internal platform With it the customer will be able to access its policy via smart contract.

  • 11
    WINTER 2018

    Smart contract in the insurance business The smart contract will be more and more protagonist of the insurance industry