ICO Ended
494 days 22 hours ago


The Investx Platform is a regulated equity crowdfunding platform. Built on blockchain technology it will allow Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) with a financial track record to raise funds and gives investors new access to shares of their choosing in successful businesses which are currently inaccessible. Security tokens will be issued for every completed deal, and used to carry the legal rights to the underlying shares purchased, given new liquidity and cost-efficiency to the asset class. The Investx Platform will revolutionise the access and cost of investing, making it affordable and rewarding, allowing investors to support and share in the success of businesses they believe in. It will provide access to shareholdings at a reduced price for investors because of the value of its use and the cost efficiencies it creates.

ICO Dates
15 Jan 2019 - 28 Feb 2019
Whitelist / KYC
Token Type
Available for Sale
Pre sale Price
1 INX = 76 GBP
ICO price
1 INX = 80 GBP
Soft Cap
7M $
Hard Cap
25M $
Tokens for sale
Peter Edgar
CEO & Co-founder
Dave Hewett
CTO & Co-Founder
Leon Sloyan
Chief Commercial Officer
Arun Chauhan
David Atkinson
Alison Bradley
  • 1
    2015 to 2017

    Investx acquired, funded and achieved growth for 6 UK manufacturing SME's

  • 2
    October 2017

    Blockchain business model ideation begins - detailed market analysis, research & concepts

  • 3
    December 2017

    Core team formation

  • 4
    January 2018

    Project scope and advisor consultations Software partner and blockchain firms engaged

  • 5
    February 2018

    Whitepaper drafted

  • 6
    March 2018

    Detailed Legal and Regulatory review including business model feedback ICO website and smart contract development

  • 7
    August 2018

    Final legal and regulatory review of whitepaper in preparation for general release

  • 8
    November 2018

    ICO pre-sale begins

  • 9
    June 2019

    Alpha platform site (1-5 raises) Enhanced Investor on-boarding Investment Deal Listing Investor Portal Launched

  • 10
    August 2019

    Beta platform (6-50 raises/month) Improved functionality and user experience Pitch Manager

  • 11
    October 2019

    Investx Ltd. to receive UK FCA authorisation

  • 12
    December 2019

    Complete platform v1 (50 raises/month) Integrated investor engagement, broker and partner portals

  • 13
    January 2020

    Broker Portal Fiat & additional crypto support

  • 14
    May 2020

    Secondary market launch

  • 15
    June 2020

    First EU SME market launched

  • 16
    August 2020

    Second EU SME market launch and entry into wider markets

  • 17
    September 2020

    Further EU market launches