ECO GLOBAL IJ is a block system for the interaction between manufacturers, customers, an online store and service-warehouse centers with guarantees and other conditions. ECO GLOBAL IJ – is an E-commerce platform built on a revolutionary technology of blockchain, using a smart contract, on the market of more than 1 trillion US dollars. ECO GLOBAL IJ provides buyers with ownership of the property for sale through blockchain, which makes it senseless to steal smartphones and other electronics. IJ Box is a mobile application that allows instantly paying for purchases, receiving cashback and so on. (more than 100 million users are expected in 2019 and more than 300 million by 2020).


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  • 1

    - Development of ECO GLOBAL IJ concept - Carrying out of marketing researches - Formation of partners, teams

  • 2

    - ECO GLOBAL IJ ecosystem development - Team building - Developing White Paper - Site development

  • 3
    Q1-Q2 2018

    - Start of pre ICO - Creating a working prototype of the IJ Box application - Development of IJ chain - Conducting hackathons to attract the best programmers - Develop IJ com communities

  • 4
    Q1-Q2 2018

    - Listing IJ Coin on stock exchanges - Conclusion of contracts with manufacturers

  • 5
    2018 Q2-Q3

    Start of ICO - Launch of ECO GLOBAL IJ online store - Testing the IJ Box application (iOS/Android) - Testing of the IJ chain - Connect GVM Miners - Opening of service-exchange centers in the CIS countries and in Europe (7 countries)

  • 6
    2018 Q2-Q3

    - Development and launch of blockchain, testing of new developments, functions, open access for the community - Conclusion of contracts and preparation of construction of a IJ Plant processing plant

  • 7
    2018 Q4

    - Formation of regional warehouse centers - Launch of the blockchain for processing sales and maintenance of electronics

  • 8
    2018 Q4

    - Connecting partners to ECO GLOBAL IJ - Development of the IJ blockchain for the needs of companies and third-party developers/projects

  • 9
    2019 Q1-Q2

    - Opening of service-exchange centers in 30 other countries - Development of additional functions of the IJ Box application

  • 10
    2019 Q1-Q2

    - Expansion of the list of partner companies (insurance, air, tourism and other companies) - Connecting a IJ Card to ATM and POS - The beginning of the construction of the IJ Plant processing plant

  • 11
    2019 Q3-Q4

    - Continuation of the construction of the IJ Plant processing plant - Connecting to ECO GLOBAL IJ trading partners - Beginning of reception of obsolete equipment and electronics for processing

  • 12

    - Expansion of the functions of the IJ Box application - Expansion of the geographical area of the company IJ Mart activities to 80 countries

  • 13

    - Start-up of the IJ Plant processing plant - Expansion of product range in the online store IJ Mart

  • 14

    - Expansion of the company's operating area to 120 countries - Improvement and updating of the ECO GLOBAL IJ ecosystem

  • 15

    - Implementation of IJ coin technologies in banking and insurance sectors - Increasing sales volumes by 2-3% from the world retail ($ 20-30 billion per year).