Keep is a data platform that offers rewards from brands and companies for virtual achievements. The project brings new opportunities to all members of the network: it enables brands to run more effective campaigns, helps developers monetize apps with recognizable brands, provides dynamic insights on mobile audiences to data partners, and ensure real value from brands awarded for virtual accomplishments. Keep has recently introduced Keep Neon toolkit to develop monetization and user retention.


brian wong

ICO review Keep Network  


What is the project about (simply speaking)

Private level of public blockchain.

Advantages of the project

  • The network is becoming closed.
  • Sort of a bridge between public and private blockchains. 
  • On the base of the Ethereum Networks.


Disadvantages of the Project

  • Conflict between scalability and privacy.
  • The network doesn’t have access to public projects. 
  • Сurrently only use Ethereum smart-contracts.
  • it is not clear why is Keep Network better than analogues.



Private blockchains deployed within an organisation for specific purposes. Can be widely used in medicine, financial or state segments.