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Using gamified challenges and blockchain technology, we seek to create a network that encourages dynamic, evolving and socially engaged communities that gather in the real world to share their specific interests in rewarding and fun ways. In short, Kuende will build a much healthier alternative to current social media networks. We hope that Kuende can change the impact of social networking, by using it as a positive force to have people meet in the real world and facilitate true friendships with online and offline activities. By applying the principles of gamification to social interactions, we believe Kuende will create compelling, fun reasons for users to find each other and meet in various locations throughout their community. Kuende has raised more than $2.6 million in seed and pre-seed funding. We are building on that success by launching an ICO on TBD to secure interest and excitement for our initial ecosystem. We believe it will help us to generate interest to grow our platform, reach new users and invest in new capabilities, features, and expansions into a variety of local and larger markets

ICO Dates
19 Oct 2018 - 16 Nov 2018
Whitelist / KYC
Whitelist & KYC
Token Type
Available for Sale
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1 KUE = 0.0042 USD
Tokens for sale
Charlie Shrem
Founder Bitcoin Foundation
Michael Kimelman
  • 1

    Pre-seed Investment - $120.000. Kuende.com (Alpha & Closed Beta Versions)

  • 2

    Seed Investment - $2.500.000. Mobile apps for iOS & Android. Implemented Gamification.

  • 3

    Launched the mobile apps. Launched Kuende.com (Beta Version). Web & Mobile Security Audit. Prepare ICO.

  • 4
    2018 - Q1

    Challenge Framework. 54.000+ Users. 20.000+ App Downloads.

  • 5
    2018 - Q2

    Create, Participate & Vote Challenges. Challenge Feed. GDPR Full Compliance. Security Audit. Redesign Web & Mobile Interface. Launched ICO.

  • 6
    2018 - Q3

    Integrate with Civic (for KYC Procedures). Deposit Kuende Tokens into the Platform. Anti Fraud Mechanism. Start generating Kuende Points. Badging & Reputation System. Tip Content Creators.

  • 7
    2018 - Q4

    Smart Algorithm for Challenge Suggestions. Check-in Feature. First Kuende Game. Encrypted Messages. 500.000 Kuende Users.

  • 8
    2019 - Q1-Q2

    Kshop (In-app Purchases & Donations). Interest Based Groups. Second Kuende Game. 3.000.000 Kuende Users.

  • 9
    2019 - Q3-4

    Influencer Profile. Group Challenges. Live Stream. Third Kuende Game. 10.000.000 Kuende Users.

  • 10

    API for Challenge Creator. Kshop (Digital Goods). Business Profiles. Sponsored Challenges. Ad related mechanism. AR Challenges. 50.000.000 Kuende Users.