ICO Ended
356 days 15 hours ago


MedicoHealth blockchain-based project is designed to improve the fragmented healthcare system, where we know we can make a significant difference for the better by tackling just one truly important issue. An average patient anywhere in the world has very limited options when in need of prompt, a fordable and reliable consultation about their condition from a physician or a specialist of their choosing. MEDICOHEALTH DAPP allows for fully anonymous, safe and client communication with world’s leading physicians. Physician credentials, together with license validity information are updated in an immutable decentralised database. Patient data is anonymously stored and accessed only by selected physicians for a limited amount of time. Payments are fully tokenised and anonymous. Token runs the system and compensates the service provider, platform, underlying protocol and blockchain layer use.

ICO Dates
15 May 2019 - 15 Jun 2019
Whitelist / KYC
Token Type
Available for Sale
Pre sale Price
1 MHP = 0.08 USD
ICO price
1 MHP = 0.08 USD
Hard Cap
23M $
Tokens for sale
private presale Up to 20%

Day 1 of ICO Up to 10%

Day 2-4 of ICO Up to 7%

Day 4-10 of ICO Up to 5%

Day 10-30 ICO Up to 3%

  • 1

    The idea to combine healthcare portal, healthcare global base and blockchain technology was born, after the market research and social proof. We already invested 500.000,00 EUR of our own funds.

  • 2

    Further market research and studies. Release of the BETA Version. Starting to build strong partnerships with doctors, medical centres and international stakeholders in the health economy.

  • 3

    Testing beta Version (not public). Selecting the core team. Developing the “go to market strategy”. Establishing referral network. Assessing technology readiness for scaled blockchain application.

  • 4
    2018 Q1

    Token economics optimisation and scaling solutions. Private Pre-Sale opens.

  • 5
    2018 Q2

    White paper/Whitelisting. Pilot project in selected EU markets. Presale. Crowdsale.

  • 6
    2018 Q3

    Testing of Database functionality in blockchain environment - test net. BETA release of mobile app.

  • 7
    2018 Q4

    Decentralised network deployment. Expansion to other EU countries.

  • 8

    Release of Mobile App. Payment module with Tokens. Full DAPP functionality. DAPP integration kit for existing third party services. Expansion to RUS and GUS - Pilot Moscow and St. Petersburg.

  • 9

    Establishing partnerships with hospitals using our DAPP. Expantion to Middle East and Africa. Start Beta Version of Telemedicine App. Establishing cooperation with Universities.

  • 10

    Establishing cooperations with Clinical research and trials. Expantion to China and further Asia. Beta and testing phase of the Protocol standard based on our DAPP usage results. Implementing data-security and data-transfer with our partners.