ICO Ended
318 days 5 hours ago


BitWare Group Limited UK is a technological group of 45 world's best engineers and 5 laboratories focused on IoT, Blockchain, AI and Machine Learning. Mineberg - is a trademark of BitWare Group that will provide own-production, low-margin, life-time dedicated Bitcoin mining capacities world-wide. Own manufacture and maintain process allows to reduce capital and operational expenses, providing supercomputer clusters' best for cryptocurrency networks service. Mineberg Immersion Mining Center's minimal hosting rate is $0.02 per kWh. We offer 1 TH/s for 40$, providing lowest entry threshold on the market. Project’s fund constantly increases total computing power and distributes it among the coinholders, ensuring a guaranteed level of bitcoin production. Coinholders are able to convert Bitcoin to Fiat through our own Bitcoin exchange.


ICO Dates
01 Nov 2018 - 01 Dec 2018
Whitelist / KYC
Token Type
BTC, Fiat
Soft Cap
500k $
Hard Cap
8M $
Tokens for sale
Brent Beeman
  • 1
    Production of the Miners

    First stage: Production of Mineberg 14nm BTC Immersion Miner - (Industrialisation and machine supply).

  • 2
    Production of the Miners

    Production of HPC equipment Mineberg HPC Server, Stratix 10 FPGA+HBM2 Immersion machine for HPC and AI - (Industrialisation and machine supply).

  • 3
    Production of the Miners

    Mineberg 20MW GreenHouse (Office, Gas Power Stations, Mining equipment, GreenHouse).Results of the 1st stage: 2 type of low-margin solutions for industrial mining BTC Miners and HPC Servers for High-Performance Computing are ready.

  • 4
    Production of the Miners

    Immersion center building schedule: Softcap - 1 module of Mineberg IC with total 1 MWt capacity will be launched Midcap - 10 modules of Mineberg IC with total 10 MWt capacity. Hardcap - 20 modules of Mineberg GreenHouse with total 20 MWt capacity.

  • 5
    ASIC dev.and production

    The release of a chip for Bitcoin mining - 7nm BTC ASIC (IC, IP, TSMC lithography and prototype);

  • 6
    ASIC dev. and production

    Release of co-processor for HPC acceleration ASIC+HBM2 (System in Package rototype - SiP); Mass production of HPC co-processors and mining chips for 7nm BTC ASIC.

  • 7
    ASIC dev. and production

    The results of the second stage: ASIC microcircuit for industrial mining 7nm BTC and a coprocessor to accelerate machine learning and robotic systems.

  • 8
    ASIC dev. and production

    Additional emission In the process of developing the project, Mineberg will have new capacities that will be reflected through the additional release of a batch of coins and placing them on the exchange.

  • 9
    ASIC dev. and production

    In total, after the implementation of three stages of additional emission, the total capacity of the immersion center will be 170 MW.

  • 10
    ASIC dev. and production

    $10M - 25 Mineberg modules with a total capacity of 20 MW. $20M - 50 Mineberg GreenHouse modules with a total capacity of 50 MW. $35M - 80 Mineberg GreenHouse modules with a total capacity of 80 MW