Monartis sees the launch of a new, easy to use digital currency. So simple to use, in fact, that it’s intended that it will be possible to spend the currency online from the day of release in a dedicated online store. Designed for mass market adoption, the Monartis eco-system will be developed to provide a user-friendly environment for consumers, retailers and service providers. Our Monartis Fast Checkout app will have the potential to reduce online checkout times by almost 90%, helping to save both consumers and retailers valuable time and money.

ICO Dates
Whitelist / KYC
Token Type
Available for Sale
ICO price
1 MNT = 0.1 USD
Hard Cap
70M $
Tokens for sale
Week 1 Up to 40%

Week 2 Up to 30%

Week 3 Up to 20%

Week 4 Up to 10%

Keith Barrett
  • 1
    April 2015

    Our founders start to research blockchain technology

  • 2
    August 2016

    Agreed direction to bring digital currencies into the mainstream

  • 3
    January 2017

    Idea finalised to launch online store with associated currency

  • 4
    March 2017

    Outline specifications for store and currency completed

  • 5
    May 2017

    Construction of online store payment mechanism commences

  • 6
    June 2017

    Work commences on draft documentation for crowdfunding

  • 7
    October 2017

    Monartis Holdings Limited is incorporated, in preparation for launch

  • 8
    November 2017

    The Early Funders registration period will open, allowing potential funders to register an interest in contributing during the Early Funders crowdfunding stage.

  • 9
    December 2017

    The Early Funders crowdfunding period will open, to be followed by the public crowdfunding campaign. The crowdfunding exercise is to be supported by a range of materials to be published at

  • 10
    February 2018

    Online store and currency to launch. It’s intended that the online store and currency will launch simultaneously, ensuring that those holding the currency will be able to shop at the online store immediately.

  • 11
    March 2018

    We’re planning to increase marketing activity from March, with the twin aims of promoting both the store and the currency

  • 12
    June 2018

    We’ve set a provisional launch date for our mobile app, which is intended to give users an easy means of managing their currency holding.

  • 13
    September 2018

    Throughout the summer of 2018, it is our intention to hold discussions with a number of retailers, with the aim of encouraging retailers to accept the new Monartis currency. We’re hoping to bring the first retailers on board by September 2018.

  • 14
    December 2018

    By the end of December 2018, we are planning on launching SMS currency transfer services, which we believe will be particularly beneficial for those who struggle to gain access to traditional bank accounts.