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ICO Ended
379 days 3 hours ago


Let's look at the history of one of the most popular cryptocurrency - bitcoin. Based on the history of the change in the value of the most popular criterion, we can conclude that this is one of the most volatile assets, which has a general stable growth in price, and since it is the most capitalized, this dynamics reflects the state of the entire crypto-currency market as a whole. For people who assess their portfolio in relation to a fiat such as the Dollar or the Euro, this means that the assessment of their portfolio can be constantly changing during any period of time, both to the large and smaller side. All this led to the fact that using the majority of crypto currency as a payment instrument was not profitable. And they began to have a character - more promising investment tools, which in turn looks very attractive for use as collateral. NEO Finance offers an international platform in which participants have the opportunity to instantly receive a money loan with fiat money on bail of volatile crypto assets such as: Bitcoin Ethereum Ripple BitcoinCash Receipt of credit funds can be carried out in the following ways: In your wallet NEO Finance With the help of a payment card NEO Finance, with the possibility of cashing in any ATM Using the user's bank card.

ICO Dates
06 Sep 2018 - 30 Sep 2018
Whitelist / KYC
Token Type
Available for Sale
Pre sale Price
1 NEF = 0.1
Hard Cap
61M $
Tokens for sale
Josef Osborn
Daniel Miller
Risk management Advisor
  • 1
    April-July 2018

    Creating a platform concept.Writing the Whiptepper.Creating a token .

  • 2
    August-September 2018

    Pre-Sale.Token-Sale. Begin developing the main core of the platform. Bounty commissioning

  • 3
    October-November 2018

    Implementation of the sales module. Development of a payment gateway.

  • 4
    December 2018

    Development of an internal exchange service. Create a beta version of the mobile application.

  • 5
    January-February 2019

    Launching the beta version of the Internet platform. Launch the beta version of the mobile application. Testing and adjustment of products. Starting a payment card. Engaging strategic partners .

  • 6
    March-April 2019

    Official launch of the working platform.Obtaining the status of a Payment Institution (PI).Obtaining an FCA license .