The HiNounou App comes linked to the Caregivers’ Web App for families to easily track and assist Seniors. The Seniors’ health data is transmitted to HiNounou’s blockchain secured decentralized Health Data Platform. The loyalty points can be redeemed with our Health & Wellbeing Marketplace partners, including AXA and Wabi, providing products and services customized to Seniors’ needs such as insurance, discounts on supplements, nutritious foods, tai-chi classes, etc.

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Charles Bark
CEO & Founder
Alexander Busarov
Co-Founder Walimai
  • 1
    June 2013

    Founder CEO Charles’ mum suffers a fall whilst living alone. R&D on IoT and AI Robotics launches.

  • 2
    October 2016

    5 Patents for an AI Robot are registered and pending in China, 2 for breakthrough innovations, 2 technical and 1 for design.

  • 3
    February 2015

    3 intelligent robotics prototypes were achieved with Qualcomm, USA, Waterloo University, Canada and UTSEUS Shanghai University, China

  • 4
    November 2016

    HiNounou’s Hong Kong HQ is registered.

  • 5
    March 2017

    HiNounou’s Shanghai branch is registered.

  • 6
    June 2017

    HiNounou wins the Most Innovative Wellness Mobile Digital startup in China, organized by 4YFN at the World Mobile Congress Shanghai and Microsoft China Accelerator.

  • 7
    September 2017

    HiNounou Wins BAYER’s Best Digital Health Startup in China. Partnership Signed with ZTE’s AngelCare, which have been designed especially for seniors, will have the HiNounou app preinstalled from 2018 for 2 years.

  • 8
    October 2017

    Charles publishes his research paper on Design and Development of a Force-Sensing Shoe for Gait Analysis and Monitoring in the 2017 Fourth International Conference on Advances in Biomedical Engineering (ICABME).

  • 9
    December 2017

    HiNounou comes top 10 in the Smart the Future" Innovation Competition sponsored by Intel Innovation Accelerator.

  • 10
    January 2018

    French President, Emmanuel Macron names founder, Charles Bark one of the top 3 French entrepreneurs in AI in China at the Forum of Innovation at the Soho 3Q Incubator in Beijing.

  • 11
    February 2018

    Insurance services dedicated to Seniors partnerships are signed with AXA and PingAn.

  • 12
    March 2018

    Duomeduo signed as HiNounou’s first distribution partners. HiNounou joined IoT Asia in Singapore, to speak about AI, Predictive Healthcare Robotics and Insurtech in The Sandbox Tech Space.

  • 13
    April 2018

    HiNounou officially launches its comprehensive, one-stop solution for Senior care at the Super Health Expo in Hangzhou.

  • 14
    June 2018

    Charles meets with INSERM CNRS Presidents Yves Levy and Antoine Petit as well as French Higher Education Research Minister Frédérique Vidal. HiNounou Singapore Branch Registered, ASEAN Incubated Singapore office opens at Unilever Foundry Level 3.

  • 15
    July 2018

    AXA officially launch at RISE Hong Kong. HiNounou ICO Marketing Campaign Launched Nounou Token Ethereum Network with Smart Contracts Created.

  • 16
    September 2018

    Charles Bark spoke at Future China Global Forum 2018 in Singapore. Charles Bark was invited to speak at EFNI and New Industry Expo in Poland.

  • 17
    October 2018

    HiNounou wins DIA Munich’s Special Award for Inurtech with Most Transformative Impact.