ORCA Alliance

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670 days 17 hours ago


ORCA is the first Open Banking platform designed for crypto users. It functions as a customizable, easy to use gateway into the crypto-economy for both advanced and amateur crypto enthusiasts. ORCA makes use of the emerging field of Open Banking to innovative integration of fiat bank accounts with cryptocurrency wallets. Through the Dashboard users will be able to link multiple bank accounts from different providers into one place. Agile design solutions make it possible to customize the Dashboard to fully meet personal needs and desires, while smart ORCA analysis algorithms provide personalized help and suggestions to optimize management of personal finances. What’s more, ORCA users will be able to access and use the best crypto-related services currently available on the market. All through a single platform, just like in the Apple App Store or Google Play. ORCA App Center provides a wide range of trusted third-party crypto applications to fulfill all individual needs. Crypto payment cards, trading bots, lending services, insurance and many more additions with the constantly expanding App Center. All transactions within the ecosystem are fueled by ORCA tokens. The combination of ORCA tokens, internal token swap solutions and service integration APIs removes the need for any other crypto assets. With ORCA tokens nothing else is required to access the best of the crypto-economy.

ICO Dates
06 Aug 2018 - 09 Sep 2018
Whitelist / KYC
Token Type
Available for Sale
Hard Cap
9M $
Tokens for sale
Natan Avidan
  • 1
    May 2017

    - ORCA was founded

  • 2
    October 2017

    - ORCA PoC

  • 3
    December 2017

    Round table in EU Parliament

  • 4
    January 2018

    - Payment Services Directive (PSD2)

  • 5
    February 2018

    - ORCA MVP

  • 6
    May 2018

    - Early call for service providers

  • 7

  • 8
    July 2018

    - ORCA closed beta

  • 9
    September 2018

    - ORCA Platform beta

  • 10
    January 2019

    - Official launch of ORCA Platform