ICO Ended
718 days 11 hours ago


Blockchain, smart contracts and utility token monetization have enabled the rise of a new generation social network. The Provoco social challenge network is an example of how blockchain technology offers trust, openness and security that may be beneficial for mass users, where everyone will find their own space. Monetization and gamification will give incentives to raise, accept and accomplish a wide range of private and public challenges, creating thousands of engaging activities and content. This makes Provoco a social network with more engaging content, targeting everyone from teenagers to adults to seniors worldwide.

ICO Dates
01 Apr 2018 - 01 Oct 2018
Whitelist / KYC
Token Type
Available for Sale
Pre sale Price
1 VOCO = 0.000694
ICO price
1 VOCO = 0.000751
Hard Cap
40k $
Tokens for sale
  • 1
    2017 Q2

    Provoco idea. Development of the idea and ensuring relevance

  • 2
    2017 Q3

    Market analysis. Analysing the attractiveness of the idea and methods for realisation.

  • 3
    2017 Q3

    Blockchain model analysis. Assuring the necessity of using blockchain.

  • 4
    2017 Q4

    Designing the product logic. Theoretical in-app logic development and testing of the system operation model.

  • 5
    2018 Q1

    Developing the application wireframe. Developing and designing the application UX

  • 6
    2018 Q1

    Pre-ICO. Opportunity to invest first and have the most favourable conditions.

  • 7
    2018 Q1

    Launch of MVP prototype. Distribution and publishing of final concept.

  • 8
    2018 Q2

    ICO sale. Opportunity to invest in the virtual currency VOCO.

  • 9
    2018 Q2

    Smart contract integration. Merging the system with smart contracts and the blockchain network

  • 10
    2018 Q3

    Implementing voting and social functions. Implementing necessary social network attributes and a community voting system.

  • 11
    2019 Q3

    Presentation of application to app stores. Start in app stores.

  • 12
    2018 Q4

    Community "testing". Collecting community feedback and working on product improvement.

  • 13
    2019 Q1

    Application start. Presentation of fully functioning product.

  • 14
    2020 Q1

    Internet site version. Adaptation of desktop system version for devices and launch.

  • 15
    2021 Q1

    Open-source launch. Ensuring the ability to use functional parts in other projects