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PUC Token is a new wave of social media that is being built on blockchain technology. We give control of the profile back to the owner and empower the user with their own data. We do this by allowing the profile owner to tokenize and monetize their social media presence via blockchain technology.Currently, PUC is applying this technology in the advertising space through an influencer search engine that profiles, matches and ranks using big data and AI. The PUC platform offers a new advertising channel where people are media. However, this is just one use case because any vertical application can be built on top of the PUC platform with PUC as a currency in this virtual ecosystem. We are building the fundamental layer of a large-scale profile-based economy that can be replicated in industries beyond advertising.

ICO Dates
29 Aug 2018 - 01 Jan 2019
Whitelist / KYC
Token Type
ICO price
1 PUC = 0.0007 ETH
Soft Cap
10M $
Hard Cap
20M $
Benjamin Qiu
Partner at LOEB
Clarence Guo
Director at xTzedek Law LLC
Miranda Tan
CEO and Co-Founder
Bessie Lee
Milo Chao
Alvin Foo
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    April 2020

    Pre v1.0 PUC PUC already has a ledger system for making payments to personal influencers based on social sharing. The next step is to develop a secure vault using zero knowledge or other appropriate algorithm to ensure customer

  • 3
    April 2020

    privacy is an important piece of the PUC ecosystem and deployed in PUC. PUC is already measuring Profile completeness and estimated value for each advertising campaign and

  • 4
    April 2020

    distributing payments to the influencers using this system. We expect to have this completed by April 2020.

  • 5
    September 2020

    v1.0 PUC PUC wallet integrated with the PUC Mobile App Verification and transactions to be handled by PUC’s internal Zero Knowledge Proof ledger system to protect individual user anonymity from advertisers, publishers and third parties.

  • 6
    September 2020

    Ad inventory will be valued, and transactions will be calculated from reported Profile Utility data. This will be released by September 2020.

  • 7
    November 2020

    Post v1.0 PUC Make the transfer and verification process entirely distributed on Ethereum using a scheme with Zero Knowledge Proof protocol for ensuring user privacy. Add alternate metrics based on advertiser or influencer or follower

  • 8
    November 2020

    feedback. This will allow for full user privacy as well as a decentralized audit trail for advertisers, influencers, publishers and followers to ensure they received correct payments for the advertising delivered through the PUC network.

  • 9

    Mobile App as platform/PUC Further profile usage metrics based on advertiser feedback as needed. Partners building applications on the PUC infrastructure.

  • 10

    Also, at this point we plan to explore value-added services that can be offered to consumers on the App platform through PUC. These applications will launch in 2021