ROMAD Endpoint Defense

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294 days 10 hours ago


ROMAD Endpoint Defence is the fully functional next generation antivirus that is using innovative patented approach to chase the malware. It is revolutionary approach to cybersecurity. It is already working on the enterprise markets of Ukraine and Malaysia. ROMAD has won Cyber Security Shark Tank in US multiple times. ROMAD Endpoint Defense is the most innovative antivirus of the next generation. It combats the families, not the strains. The number of the strains does not matter now. Previous strains, current strains, future strains, ROMAD will catch and eradicate them all! ROMAD has gained its reputation within the B2B sector and has received a number of prestigious awards. We offer a unique distribution business model. The antivirus is distributed completely free of charge. The end users are paying only for the successfully repelled attacks. No attack, no payment. Defence Token is our unique ROMAD token which contains the license (the license key) for ROMAD Endpoint Defence. The antivirus license is provided by the token owner to other people for free. The token owner will get revenue (passive income) for repelling attacks on the end user’s computer. A payment occurs only if an attack is successfully repelled. No attack, no payment.


ICO Dates
25 Sep 2018 - 25 Dec 2018
Whitelist / KYC
KYC & Whitelist
Hong Kong
Token Type
Available for Sale
Pre sale Price
1 RBDT = 0.002 USD
ICO price
1 RBDT = 0.00288 USD
Soft Cap
5M $
Hard Cap
13M $
>1000ETH Up to 30%

>100ETH Up to 5%

>100ETH Up to 5%

>100ETH Up to 5%

>100ETH Up to 5%

  • 1

    Morpher obfuscating compiler R&D The code obfuscation project started: program code protection to prevent its illegal use.

  • 2

    System call processing apparatus R&D A platform analyzing the system calls was developed. It identifies the suspicious system calls. The system calls groups are created with the help of the bioinformatics algorithms.

  • 3

    ROMAD Analyzer memory digital forensic tool ROMAD Analyzer is the tool for the memory digital forensics. It is used to determine the presence of anomalies left by malware.

  • 4

    ROMAD EDR is the next generation antivirus for B2B market. Started patenting the idea.

  • 5

    ROMAD EDR tested. Its functionality confirmed. Morpher is sold.

  • 6

    ROMAD was the winner at the Shark Tank Cupertino competition. Got the «Key innovator up to 2021» status due to M&M research.

  • 7

    ROMAD was the winner at the Shark Tank San Francisco competition. ROMAD got the DSSZI certificate. ROMAD got the US/EU patents. ROMAD EDR B2B released. B2В sales started.