Reborn Bloc

ICO Ended
684 days 18 hours ago


We have a proven track-record for our business and our breakthrough technology. We are starting a reverse ICO.We are concerned with global energy issues and the pollution we leave in the process of the disposal of waste. We are focused on making the clean energy using wastes as the source without causing any secondary pollution and at the same time, secure Carbon Emission Reduction (CER credit) with reliable data proofs from the blockchain.

ICO Dates
16 Jul 2018 - 31 Aug 2018
Whitelist / KYC
Token Type
ICO price
1 RBE = 0.0002 RBE
16-31.07.18 Up to 20%

01-15.08.18 Up to 15%

16-31.08.18 Up to 5%

Dongmin Choi
  • 1
    August 2017

    - Chamhana Technology. - ReBorn Energy startup.

  • 2
    April 2018

    Website opened to provide information on Chamhana Technology and ReBorn Energy Bloc.

  • 3
    May 2018

    Press Conference and demonstration event by Chamhana Technology Research Institute, Ltd.

  • 4
    June 2018

    - Compatible beta test on Cobuysell, the exchange market. - My e-wallet ReBorn Pay Platform Application available for downloading. - Private ICO of 570 million of RBE in Hard CAP. - Black Private (June the 18- July 15).

  • 5
    July - August 2018

    Website launching - 16th-31th July - 20% pre-sale - 1st-15th August - 15% pre-sale - 16th-31 August - 5% Main ICO (to be closed if subscription fills up earleir than scheduled )

  • 6
    Sept - October 2018

    RBE to be listed on Cobuysell exchange market and the internatinal exchange market.

  • 7
    End of 2018

    Chamhana Technology Press Conferences and Demonstration Expansion using of Re Born Pay Platform.

  • 8

    - Ordering of treatment plant and cooperation of Waste technology on each country. - Local corporation contracts and establishment. - Activation of Business and Local MOA contract. - R&D in WASTE history book and blockchain to make it into a platform.