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Creating a free and open case database on how to use cloud computing like AWS, Azure, GCP and so on. It is not just making the productivity of creators up to the moon but also helping everyone becomes a service creator and making the world more various and interesting. By your contribute this ICO, we can realize three functions. Creating funds for creators providing high-quality cloud designs to this database. Creating the transparent and decentralized database system on the blockchain. Providing design data to everyone for free through our easy to use search console/API and workflow system like GitHub.


ICO Dates
04 Mar 2019 - 31 Jul 2019
Whitelist / KYC
KYC & Whitelist
Token Type
Available for Sale
Soft Cap
4k $
Hard Cap
200k $
Tokens for sale
Shintaro Hara
Founder & CEO
Yuki Ikeda
Toshihisa Nakamizu
Co-Founder & Project Manager
  • 1
    June 2018

    Fundraising: Preparations for fundraising are currently underway.

  • 2
    December 2018

    Start of coordination of advance collection of cloud designs: We will begin coordinating advance collection with corporations and individuals who hold superior-quality cloud designs.

  • 3
    April 2019

    Beta release of system platform: We will release the beta versions of the CDML and the token mechanism.

  • 4
    July 2019

    Beta release of operation-support interface and workflow system: We will release the beta versions of the CDML operation-support interface and the workflow system.

  • 5
    October 2019

    Beta release of data provisioning API: We will release the beta version of the data provisioning API that will encourage secondary use of data.

  • 6
    January 2020

    Acceleration of token distribution: We will introduce a mechanism to promote the exchanging of tokens among users of the platform for purposes such as customizing and auditing designs.

  • 7
    April 2020

    We will introduce a mechanism whereby, through the exchanging of tokens, engineers and planners will be able to cooperate with each other on all aspects of service development, including product development and planning.

  • 8
    October 2020

    With the expansion of token distribution, we will expand the service into an inter-business resource-exchange platform for the pursuit of higher quality and speed in service development.

  • 9
    April 2021

    Realization of a talent-sharing model for creators: The platform will become a place where creators around the world can share their abilities with each other through the use of reindeer tokens.