RusCoin is a Fintech project aimed at investing assets raised through ICO in various business projects in the Russian Federation and worldwide as promoted by Russian founders with an Internal Rate of Return >35%. We use Waves, a decentralized blockchain platform, in order to attract investors in our projects via ICO2 mechanism (‘Initial Coin Offering’). Buyers of RusCoin tokens thus become co-owners of real and existing businesses and/or readily obtainable assets, while the blockchain technology provides for complete transparency and traceability of all our transactions and investment projects by RusCoin token owners. A mechanism known as Smart contract3 is one of the tools to ensure such transparency.


ICO Dates
Whitelist / KYC
Russian Federation
Token Type
Available for Sale
ICO price
1 RSC = 75 usd
BTC, ETH, Waves
  • 1
    Phase One

    - ICO launch (Start date: August 1, 2017; end date: November 1, 2018) - Formation of RusCoin Emission Center – before November 21, 2018 - Formation of the management company RusCoin Asset Management – before November 21, 2018

  • 2
    Phase One

    - Formation of the operator company (Russian Federation) – before November 21, 2018 - Listing on the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges – before December 20, 2018

  • 3
    Phase One

    - Buy up of a blocking stake (25% 1 share) of PJSC Moscow Exchange – after November 22, 2017 - Promotion and marketing (Start date: August 1, 2017 – indefinite)

  • 4
    Phase Two

    - Search for projects that meet the RusCoin investment criteria; Start date – August 1, 2017 – indefinite - Investing in newly selected projects; Start date: August 1, 2017 – indefinite

  • 5
    Phase Three

    - Introduction of blockchain-related products and companies on Moscow Exchange – after May 1, 2019