SERO (Super Zero) is the world-leading technology with SUPER Zero-Knowledge Proof that truly implements blockchain privacy protection and a public chain platform that supports smart contract operation.SERO is the world's first cryptocurrency technology to achieve complete privacy protection and to support smart contracts through Zero-knowledge proof. Zero-knowledge proof used by SERO is reviewed and approved by professional organizations. The protocol is built on the latest cryptography studies that greatly improves performance and security. Added privacy protection to the entire transaction sequence of cryptocurrency on the blockchain. Account information and transaction amount are no longer transparent to the entire network; aligning user privacy needs with actual consumer scenario. SERO has developed Super-ZK — Zero-knowledge Proof encryption library, independently developed by SERO which is currently the fastest in encryption performance. In the same application scenario, Super-ZK encryption speed is 20 times faster than Zcash (the mainstream privacy protection cryptocurrency that at present, uses zk-SNARKs). Compare with Bulletproofs (the latest bulletproof protocol), Super-ZK is 4 times faster. SERO solved the Zero-knowledge proof performance problem. SERO will lead the privacy protection space and the preparation for the wider commercialization of blockchain.


ICO Dates
Whitelist / KYC
Cayman islands
Token Type
ICO price
1 SERO = 0.02 usd
Leyla Q
Co-founder & Marketing Director
Robert B
CEO & Co-Founder
Jason Pope
Co-founder & COO
Durant D
Co-founder & CTO
Gordon T
Co-founder & Chief Architect
Suyang Zhang
Management Advisor
  • 1
    September 2018

    Sero-Chain V1.0: Release of theTest Network (Sero-Chain) and open source to GitHub

  • 2
    September 2018

    Issue ERC20 Tokens.

  • 3
    September 2018

    Start the deployment of global nodes and prepare for the Main Network.

  • 4
    December 2018

    Sero-Chain V2.0: Sero-Chain Public Network online.

  • 5
    December 2018

    Convert of ERC20 tokens to Sero Token of the Main Network in a ratio of 1:1.

  • 6
    January 2019

    Complete V2.0 version development, update the encryption algorithm, greatly improve TPS, and add offline calculation module to achieve homomorphic encryption of smart contracts.

  • 7
    March 2019

    The official release of Sero V 2.0; The official release of Sero wallet and the decentralized exchange transaction function between tokens issued with Sero-Chain.

  • 8
    June 2019

    Release Sero-Chain V3.0: Official release of ALIEN Protocol and CASTROL Protocol.

  • 9
    October 2019

    Release Sero-Chain V4.0: Implementation of Privacy Protection Mechanism of Secure Multiparty Compution (MPC) for a variety of data privacy protection.