Basically, what we do is crowdfunding and investing in multiple profitable startups and small business and share the revenue to Savior Coin owners every month. We start paying off investors after the ICO is ended, the voting system has opened, and the fund is invested in companies. We are not like any other ICOs that are advertising unrealistic promises and low chance of success. our business plan is wise and have been researched enough to be working. It's backed by the Blockchain technology and Ethereum Smart Contracts to make everything automated.

ICO Dates
Whitelist / KYC
Token Type
Available for Sale
ICO price
1 SAVI = 0.01 eth
Soft Cap
100k $
Tokens for sale
Mathias Juvouni
CEO & Co-Founder
Amanda Müller
Co-founder & CFO
Ryan Cohen
Professor of Economics and Law
Prof. of International Business
  • 1
    Oct 2016


  • 2
    Jan 2017

    Establish the Project Team. After researches, they decided to start this Decenteralized project, which will help all Investors and Satrtup/Existing Companies with a completely different experience in the Investments story.

  • 3
    Jun 2017

    Working on Website and Control panel. Start designing the website and a Laravel based web application to manage Investors and Investment with comprehensive financial analytics for profit maximization.

  • 4
    Dec 2017

    Pre-ICO. Start Pre-ICO on 10th Dec 2017 until 10th Feb 2018 with the Goal of 5 Millions SAVI(s) Soft Cap, and 10 Millions SAVI(s) Hard Cap.

  • 5
    Jan 2018

    ICO. ICO begins 30 Days after Pre-ICO on 10th of January and ends on 10th of March with the goal of 20 Millions SAVI(s) Soft Cap, and 70 Millions SAVI(s) Hard Cap. We will refund investments if Soft Cap is not reached.

  • 6
    Mar 2018

    After the ICO ends successfuly we'll rent an Office in Germany to make the team working together on a daily basis and get more job done. We'll immediately look for investment opportunities and invest +70% of funds by Feb 2018 with legal documents.

  • 7
    Apr 2018

    Voting System Opens.Once ICO is ended and we reached our goals, we will contact each investors via email and let them know about the Voting system, which is still on beta version in our panel. You can vote for your selected project to make profit of it.

  • 8
    Q2 2018

    Mobile Application. For a better vision of your investment we will work on a Mobile application which includes our investment portfolio and capital investments.

  • 9
    Q3 2018

    Join Exchanges. We will start discussing with Exchanges and expect to be available on them by Q3 of 2018