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SHIPNEXT is an international Digital Shipping Marketplace connects industry participants through a single functional platform that provides transparent and real-time pricing, seamless access to supply chain data and analytics, automated routine operational tasks, and advanced freight and ship tracking. SHIPNEXT seeks to expand its footprint in the international logistics industry by developing state of the art solutions and unlocking opportunities utilizing distributed ledger technology, thus creating tremendous additional value. A number of multi-billion dollar markets will be directly impacted by SHIPNEXT, including trade auctions, trade finance, supply chain analytics, and credit supply market.

ICO Dates
15 Dec 2018 - 13 Feb 2019
Whitelist / KYC
Whitelist & KYC
Token Type
Available for Sale
ICO price
1 SHP = 0.12 USD
Soft Cap
5M $
Hard Cap
62M $
Tokens for sale
Alexander Varvarenko
Sergey Semernev
Natalia Liashenko
Julian Zegelman
Wayne Lloyd
Stakh Voznyak
  • 1
    April 2009

    - Ocean shipping company - VARAMAR ( - was founded. The company evolved into one of the main industry players in Europe, Middle East and Asia in maritime transportation of general, heavy and oversized cargo.

  • 2
    June 2011

    - VELES Bulk was founded as a carrier of dry-bulk ship-operator and carrier.

  • 3

    - Collecting Data-bases related to Ships, Ports, Cargo, Transportation infrastructure, as well as building crucial relationship with all industry platers and Cargo owners

  • 4
    May 2015

    - ShipNext - disruptive concept of an automated Digital Shipping Marketplace is finalized.

  • 5
    October 2017

    - SHIPNEXT is launched in Phase A, as an Automated Digital Shipping Marketplace for non-containerized, general, oversized and dry-bulk cargo.

  • 6
    January 2018

    - SHIPNEXT is widely used by over 1000 international, contains 8000+ Ship positions and thousands of Cargo orders at any given moment.

  • 7
    May 2018

    First Smart Contract in Non-containerized Sea Transport

  • 8
    June 2018

    - First Electronic Freight Payment for Smart Contract in Shipping and Ocean Transport

  • 9
    August 2018

    Integration of Steel Supply Chain on SHIPNEXT

  • 10
    September 2018

    - Negotiations with ports and Terminals for integration, planning and 2 way data-flow for non-containerized general and dry-bulk cargo

  • 11
    October 2018

    - Automated Quotation on General and Dry-bulk cargo

  • 12
    November 2018

    - Commencement of Works on Containerized Traffic Real Time Booking System

  • 13
    December 2018

    - Wet-Bulk Shipping Marketplace

  • 14
    March 2019

    - First Smart Contract and Electronic Bill of Lading in Wet-Bulk Shipping

  • 15
    April 2019

    - First Freight Payment in Wet-Bulk Shipping

  • 16
    August 2019

    - Integration of Energy and Oil Supply Chain on SHIPNEXT

  • 17
    October 2019

    - Further integration and interconnectivity with Ports and Terminals, their real-time planning to provide 2 way data-flow for wet-bulk and container related transportation

  • 18
    October 2020

    - First Trials on Real Time Container Booking

  • 19
    November 2020

    - Further integration of Tracking and Tracing procedures and Technology into Real-Time Container Booking Platform

  • 20
    February 2021

    - First integrated supply chain in container door to door transport (including Land Transport)

  • 21
    April 2021

    - Integration of multiple users for testing of cross-company container real-time container traffic supply-chain (including land and sea-transport)

  • 22
    September 2021

    - Integration of Different modes of Transport into one Decentralized Transportation Network

  • 23
    October 2021

    - First Multimodal transport shipment, with real-time evaluation and pricing, followed by smart-contract and real-time decentralized processing

  • 24
    December 2021

    - Decentralized Block-chain based Supply-Chain (trial)