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593 days 4 hours ago


You share your footage with us. We share the profits with you! Everyone, everywhere can earn SnapCoin - Breaking news reporters, Moderators, Viewers and Content Creators. Snapparazzi is a revolutionary, decentralised independent media sharing & advertising platform, utilising blockchain technology and offering everyone SnapCoin rewards. Snapparazzi permanently solves the problem of incomplete media coverage. With over 2.3 billion smartphones in the world in 2017, every user can potentially become a unique and unrivalled source of exclusive footage or photos of newsworthy events. When an event of political, social or entertainment value occurs randomly somewhere in the world, a TV or news crew is not always there to capture it. However, anyone with a smartphone and the Snapparazzi App can record it and earn money by selling it for broadcast to a willing buyer - be it a local news station, a global media giant, or an online news outlet.


ICO Dates
15 Oct 2018 - 30 Nov 2018
Whitelist / KYC
Token Type
Available for Sale
Pre sale Price
1 SNPC = 0.135 usd
ICO price
1 SNPC = 0.18 usd
ETH, BTC, Fiat
Soft Cap
10M $
Hard Cap
59M $
Tokens for sale
Ruben Valle
CEO & Co-Founder
Damien Larquey
CTO & Co founder
Alex Linenko
ICO Strategist
Giovanni Casagrande
Growth Hacking Expert
Roman Karimov
ICO and Business Strategist
  • 1
    July, 2017

    Snapparazzi concept is born

  • 2
    November, 2017

    Private funding secured to launch the Snapparazzi project

  • 3
    January, 2018

    Team of developers begin work on the application architecture, developing the Snapparazzi app engine from scratch

  • 4
    June, 2018

    Snapparazzi Company structure. Whitepaper Release. Website launched. Private Sale start Week 4

  • 5
    July, 2018

    Private Sale. Development and Marketing. Team expansion

  • 6
    August, 2018

    Auction platform development. Token smart contract

  • 7
    September, 2018

    Pre ICO start Week 2. Pre ICO end Week 4.MVP release

  • 8
    October, 2018

    ICO start week 1. ICO end week 4

  • 9
    November, 2018

    Snapparazzi App beta testing. SnapCoin Token released on the market exchanges.Team expansion

  • 10
    December, 2018

    Snapparazzi App released to the public via the App store and Playstore

  • 11
    Q1, 2019

    Opening strategic offices in Europe/USA/Asia. Strategic partnership with media companies

  • 12
    Q2, 2019

    Release beta of live broadcasting features