The Government Network

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590 days 9 hours ago


The Government Network is building a borderless nation powered by Blockchain Technology, operating from a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO). Its purpose is to innovate governance one step at the time through the implementation of applications serving direct market needs as drivers for the ecosystem. The goal is to build a nation, operating on a decentralised governance model, that empowers the people with abilities to achieve their goals independently through the power of technology. The DAO’s government structure will be determined by a constitutional convention of experts elected by the early citizens. The platform will consist of a network of incorruptible, interconnected decentralized services, each optimized for their purpose, together greater than the sum of their parts. Transparent by design, the platform will operate as a self-regulating entity or DAO, governed through an impartial consensus mechanism and constitution. Practical in approach, the DAO works in conjunction with society for the betterment of individuals, communities, and global governance. The Constitution will be drafted by a constitutional convention of experts elected by the early citizens.


ICO Dates
01 Nov 2018 - 30 Nov 2018
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Available for Sale
ICO price
1 GOVT = 0.0032 eth
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Mustafa Disli
  • 1
    12 Sept.– 30 Sept. 2018

    Seed Round.

  • 2
    1 Oct.– 31 Oct. 2018


  • 3
    1 Nov. – 30 Nov. 2018


  • 4
    December 2018

    GOV tokens and referral earnings distribution. GovLab Creation. GOV Token Exchanges listing.

  • 5
    March 2019

    Presentation of the Constitutional Convention, candidates, brought forward by the organizers and early citizens. Early citizens vote for Constitutional Convention Candidates. Constitutional Convention.

  • 6
    April 2019

    Constitutional Convention.

  • 7
    May 2019

    Alpha version of the forum and DAO.

  • 8
    June 2019

    Approval of the Constitution. Release of preregistration for citizenship at the launch of the DAO.

  • 9
    July 2019

    The forum beta version is launched.

  • 10
    December 2019

    Beta release of the DAO.

  • 11
    January 2020

    Basic government infrastructure operation. First democratic elections, the government Network.

  • 12
    June 2020

    The Government project aims to have 1M citizens.