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We work with printing and toners for over 15 years. In our team we have toner manufacturing engineers and PhDs. We look into the future and see, how important it is to save resources and to reduce health and environment risks. That is why we decided to make a unique technology for biotoner manufacturing. In production of our biotoner one of the material is sugar. We also use recycled polyethylene raw materials with our own processing. This new technology of toner production, made it possible to significantly reduce the cost of production.

ICO Dates
01 Dec 2018 - 31 Dec 2018
Whitelist / KYC
Token Type
Available for Sale
Pre sale Price
1 TONE = 0.1 USD
ICO price
1 TONE = 0.55 USD
Hard Cap
3M $
Tokens for sale
  • 1
    Q4 2016

    Making TonerCoin. Idea. Modernising current toner preparing technology, search for new ways of upgrading toner quality, reducing particles size and cutting costs.

  • 2
    Q1 2017

    Creating long-term strategy of TonerCoin

  • 3
    Q4 2017

    Selection of technical solutions, making experimental toner-manufacturing plant, design work.

  • 4
    Q1 2018

    Revision of plant and testing

  • 5
    Q2 2018

    Preparation for ICO, registrating legal entity,bounty

  • 6
    Q3 2018

    PRE-ICO, marketing company ICO, registration on stock market Buying land for building facility. Building facility. Presale through exchange of tokens to toner with 30% discount and following removal of tokens.

  • 7
    Q3 2019

    Start of sales. Making orders in stock market every 4 month with buybacking for 30% from profit of Quarter with following removal of tokens.