UTEMIS transform the entire Latin American Continent into a Single Economic Space: 1. Only for B2B transactions (between companies) 2. Economic stability 3. Reputational Blockchain 4. 100% of transactions guaranteed with 100% of a refund 5. The most complete database to find buyers and sellers in the entire Latin American continent With UTEMIS companies can regain new net growth, about time that Latin Americans have the future they deserve.


ICO Dates
Whitelist / KYC
Token Type
Available for Sale
Pre sale Price
1 UTS = 0.01 usd
ICO price
1 UTS = 0.0004 USD
Soft Cap
1k $
Hard Cap
9M $
Tokens for sale
Pre-TGE Up to 25%

TGE W. 1 Up to 15%

TGE W. 2 Up to 10%

TGE W. 3 Up to 5%

Juan Pablo Vazquez Sampere
Daniel Ortiz Uribe
Higinio Guillamon Duch
Advisory Board
Nicolas De Narvaez
Advisory Board
Jaime Pascual
Advisory Board
  • 1
    June 2017

    The idea of a UTEMIS ecosystem was born. We researched what licenses, programmers, legal requirements, and financial and IT engineers would have to be acquired to create the UTEMIS Ecosystem. A 10-year business plan was created for the ecosystem.

  • 2
    Nov. – Dec. 2018

    Launch the of UTEMIS Platform Alpha version with selected group of customers.Sign first customers in Colombia, Brazil and Mexico.Present first customers in the UTEMIS web site The UTEMIS Token starts trading in one Exchange

  • 3
    January 2019

    Interview headhunting agencies in Mexico and Brazil for selection of sales personnel.Preparation of the alpha version of the UTEMIS Platform.Private conference with customers in Mexico, Brazil and Colombia.Co-creation process with customers.

  • 4
    February – March 2019

    Debugging the UTEMIS Platform Alpha version.Identifying missing functionalities in the UTEMIS Platform Alpha version.Selection of the two headhunting agencies for Colombia,Brazil,Mexico

  • 5
    April 2019

    Interview the first 100 sales personnel for Colombia,Mexico,Brazil. Reach saturation with all the functionalities in the Alpha version.Design the UTEMIS Platform Beta version.Test the escrow account and its capacity limits.Create the advertising platform.

  • 6
    May 2019

    Hire the first 100 sales personnel for Colombia,Mexico,Brazil. Interview 100 sales personnel more for Colombia,Mexico,Brazil. Launch the Beta Version Reach the customer number 100

  • 7
    June 2019

    Debug the Beta version and check for reliability.Prep. of the main UTEMIS Platform.Hire 300 sales personnel more for Brazil, Colombia and Mexico.Negotiate with one port in Colombia,Brazil,Mexico to accept UTEMIS

  • 8
    July 2019

    Prepare UTEMIS for high speed scaling Finish debugging the Beta version of the UTEMIS Platform Hire 300 sales personnel more for Brazil, Colombia and Mexico Reach the customer number 10,000

  • 9
    August 2019

    Legal compliance Marketing boost UTEMIS Hire VP sales B2B LATAM Customer service call center Hire 100 telemarketers

  • 10
    September 2019

    HIGH GROWTH SCALE UP.Start operations in Chile, Argentina and the rest of countries in Latin America

  • 11

    Start UTEMIS in the United States of America.Start operations in the USA with all the companies that conduct business with Latin American companies