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Developers gain access to not only reliable financial data, but also a deeply needed market intelligence (gathered through machine learning) with improved programmatic matching as well as funding for their new projects and ongoing revenues once their project is live. Gamers save money due to the shift from first sale to continuous revenue, further strengthening the free-to-play trend, which enables even more customers, for example from financially lower income regions, to be part of the gaming community. Through customer retention, they even get a share of the ad profits! Brands have a new and widely accepted way of gaining more recognition in one of the hottest markets available. Our data being processed through our blockchain minimizes ad fraud and manipulated data possibilities, generating trust, while our embedding technology counters ad blockers.

ICO Dates
21 Jul 2018 - 18 Aug 2018
Whitelist / KYC
Token Type
ICO price
1 MERO = 0.05 USD
Hard Cap
19M $
Tokens for sale
  • 1
    Q4 2015

    First VR experiences and company founding process started

  • 2
    Q1 2016

    Company set up First VR game in development (Infinite)

  • 3
    Q2 2016

    VR Demo is a press title for Razer OSVR HDK head-mounted display Eye tracking conceptual phase finished First investor gives greenlight for investment

  • 4
    Q3 2016

    Development of eye tracking started German government issues first contract for VR gamification project

  • 5
    Q4 2016

    Work on Vreo begins

  • 6
    Q1 2017

    Eye trackingandVreo alpha are presented at GDC in San Francisco Further products under development reach beta/prototype phase

  • 7
    Q4 2017

    Vreo marketing starts Vreo and eye tracking reach MVP state

  • 8
    Q1 2018

    Community building and establishing launch partners White paper v1.0 released

  • 9
    Q2 2018

    White paper v2.0 released Work on market implementation begins Sale announcement

  • 10
    Q3 2018

    Programmatic advertising reaches MVP state Vreo plug-ins for more major game engines reach MVP state

  • 11
    Q4 2018

    First branches in North America and Asia opened Work starts on Phase II: Funding Gateway

  • 12
    Q1 2019

    First projects are available on Funding Gateway during beta test User retention reaches MVP

  • 13
    Q2 2019

    Games funding and programmatic marketplace go live

  • 14
    Q3 2019

    Mobile app released Depending on market development, more offices are opened User retention goes live

  • 15
    Q4 2019

    Offices open in South America and Oceania

  • 16
    Q1 2020

    Adoption of other advertising forms into Vreo blockchain model starts

  • 17
    Q3 2020

    Vreo plug-ins can dynamically exchange 3D asset