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This platform is being created to reduce the cost of green energy to most parts of the world by transmitting power production data from wholesale renewable energy producers around the world into the platform. WPP Energy's own surplus global energy production will also be captured in the platform and made available for purchase.


ICO Dates
20 Sep 2018 - 20 Dec 2018
Whitelist / KYC
Token Type
Available for Sale
Pre sale Price
1 WPP = 0.2 USD
Soft Cap
1M $
Hard Cap
42M $
Tokens for sale
presale Up to 10%

Rafael Ben
Robert Kohn
Chief Financial Officer
Troy MacDonald
Chief Operating Office
Natour Ahmad Zuhir Mohammad
Chief Executive,Middle East
Jean Pierre Dube
Senior Waste to Energy Engineer
Ziao Dramane
Senior Waste to EnergyEngineer
Mentor Shala
UI/UX designer
Grace Duke Don Kristian Frich
Senior Vice President
Le Van Vui
IT Director,Blockchain Develope
Chanthai Sihabouth
Web/Mobile Developer
Jason Hung
IDACB Advisor
Anders Larsson
Blockchain Advisor
Joakim Holmer
Trusted Advisor ICO
Sydney Ifergan
Marketing Advisor
Jared Polites
ICO/ITO Advisor
George Han
Top ICO&Corporate Advisor
Arturas Svirskis
ICO/ITO Exchange ListingAdvisor
Andrew Chung
ICO/ITO Analyst&Consultant
Chance Holt
Community Advisor
Anudeep Reddy
Heinrich W. Otterpohl
CEO AEG industrial engineering
Aikaterini Lianoudaki
M.SC. Financial Advisor
Mehmet Durmaz
BSCEE. Nano Electrical Engineer
Rafael Colantes Bellido
Carlos Barcala
Senior Firmware Engineer
Jose Benito Castro Miguens
Senior Hardware Designer
Javier Moreno Garcia
Firmware / Software Engineer
Joel Batista
NJB Engineerin'General Director
Marcelo Brunetti
NJB Engineering COO
Ruderson G.Silva
NJB Direcor of Engineering
Humberto Ragnini
NJB Direcor of Management
Junyeol Seo
WTE Mokpo Co Ltd. President
Haegyu Choi
WTE Mokpo Co Ltd.Vice President
Sugil Kwon
WTE Mokpo Co Ltd. Director
Chankyun Park
WTE Mokpo Co Ltd. Director
  • 1

    In 1972 WPP President, Mr. Rafael Ben became concerned about the energy and fuel futures of the U.S. and began working on researching alternate fuel technology.

  • 2

    WPP President, Mr. Ben worked various aspects of developmental technology for biomass and gasification.

  • 3

    WPP President Mr. Ben, traveled to India for FAO in 1990 and evaluated conversion of agricultural wastes to fuels. In 1992 Mr. Ben traveled to China for the Rockefeller Foundation to evaluate two new gasifiers built there.

  • 4

    WPP President Mr. Ben, travelled around the world, visiting various gasification sites, gathering information for the book “Survey of Biomass Gasification.

  • 5

    WPP President Mr. Ben, and his engineering team started the first prototype of a 1 Mega Watt per hour Biomass Plant in Chandpur near New Delhi the testing of the smallest unit that produced 24MW power generation per day

  • 6

    WPP President Mr. Ben’s team in conjunction with partner CPG, deployed the first power plant in a remote village in Ghana, West Africa, which was installed successfully and commissioned using Biomass.

  • 7

    WPP started the first testing device that converts water into Hydrogen with proprietary science developed in Belarus. The vision was to convert large thermal power plants to reduce their operating costs and dramatically increasing efficiency by 35%.

  • 8

    WPP conducted ongoing research and development with world leaders in power generation sectors focussing on the world’s most advanced technology to reach the highest possible capacity of power production, and to reduce the cost of operations

  • 9

    WPP President Mr. Ben became one of the world’s VIP speakers in green summits, speaking about the need to convert and upgrade power generation throughout the world to advance the use of new technologies as an alternative to the oil and gas sectors

  • 10

    WPP had power plants. The conversion was to adopt new advanced Pyrolysis, combining Plasma Gasification with the Pyrolysis using tires and biomass combination to increase the amount of BTU’s converting the plants to run on a clean energy

  • 11

    2009 World Power Production Energy Corporation was formally formed (WPP Energy) to solve Municipal Solid Waste problems around the world using the advanced zero pollution technology, converting waste into power.

  • 12

    WPP Energy introduces a revolutionary concept along with GE generators increasing power plant production by 30% and reducing operating costs by 45%.

  • 13

    WPP collaborated with Technip (a leader in Oil & Gas) for a total investment of $50 Billion USD for mega projects in Morocco

  • 14

    Formed a Joint Venture with INEWCORP to implement waste to energy projects in 15 countries in Africa for waste to energy, and green villages with a signed PPA’s with federal government in the SUM of $55 Billion USD for 35 years contract

  • 15

    WPP Formed a Joint Venture Agreement with GDTC for a Large Waste to Energy Projects totalling $9.4 Billion USD.

  • 16

    WPP expanded its Far East presence by signing a Joint Venture Agreement with South Korea to convert water into Hydrogen, building the first Home Unit to provide Low Cost Heat, Hot Water, and Electricity to Home Owners.

  • 17

    WPP deploys technology for the desalinization/purification of water. The quality of drinking water is a powerful environmental determinant of health.

  • 18

    WPP Energy begins to visualize the potential of block chain technology once applied to the power production industry and concludes it is the ideal way to reduce public power costs dramatically.

  • 19

    WPP President was invited to present at the green energy summit to resolve the problem of waste heavy gases and fumes generated from the power plants via a special exhaust system built in Austria

  • 20

    WPP signed 35 year contracts in Africa for waste to energy projects at the Federal Government level. This encompasses over 10,000 metric tons per day of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW).

  • 21
    JANUARY 2018

    WPP signs agreement with Dahir Insaat to bring to market Green City, Vertical Greenhouse Agricultural Towers.

  • 22

    WPP Commences development of its comprehensive ICO website.

  • 23

    Switzerland HQ & entity formed, WPP ENERGY GmbH, to provide the best legislative landscape to support the ICO launch.

  • 24
    May 1 2018

    WPP Launches PRE ICO website and pre ICO sales begin.

  • 25
    May 2 2018

    WPP commences development of the Green Energy Platform.

  • 26
    June 1 2018

    Pre ICO sale ends.

  • 27
    June 2 2018

    ICO begins.

  • 28
    July 2 2018

    ICO ends.

  • 29
    July 2018

    WPP completes development of the Green Energy Platform.

  • 30
    July 2018

    WPP commences development of Energy Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform.

  • 31
    August/September 2018

    WPP completes development of Energy Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform in late August to September 2018.

  • 32
    September 2018

    Deployment WPP App & Wallet in September 2018.

  • 33
    November 2018

    HHO Polluting Power Plant Conversion starts testing in Greece.

  • 34
    DECEMBER 2018

    WPP undertakes a substantial expansion in the scope of its Energy Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform.

  • 35
    April 2019

    WPP HHO technology enters final development stages for residential home deployment (up to 400 Square Meters) providing Hot Water, Heating and complete power supply.

  • 36
    August 2019

    Construction of a new 90MW per hour Basin Hydro Project in Adygeja, Russia consisting of 3 turbines, a 140m investment to be recovered in two years and lucrative after two years as production cost is just 3 cents per KW.

  • 37
    October 2019

    HHO Conversion of existing Gas Steam fired power plants in Turkey. Specifially a 1000 MW power plant conversion test for a three month period.

  • 38
    December 2019

    WPP to be recognized as the world’s preferred power source for Crypto Mining through the success of its Mobile Power Station.

  • 39
    April 2020

    WPP will start its Waste to Energy Power Plant projects in DRC Congo and its Municipal Solid Waste Power Plant projects.

  • 40
    September 2020

    WPP will start fie projects of Waste to Energy power plants in Morocco consisting of 10,000 Metric Tons of Municipal Solid Waste, generating total of 1000 MW power per hour.