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753 days 20 hours ago


Worldopoly is the world’s first mobile game to combine Augmented Reality, Geopositioning, Blockchain and Artificial intelligence within an engaging economic simulation and strategic multiplayer game. Worldopoly gives the players a platform to build, own and trade property, all securely stored in blockchain. The innovative new approach is the use of it’s own cryptocurrency, the WPT as the base of the economic simulation. This gives the game a layer of realism never seen before, because people can earn real money when playing. The addition of AR makes it possible to actually see your empire grow before you eyes. In short Worldopoly is a true revolution in mobile gaming, easy accessible and yet complex like the real life itself. The best is part is: the game has already completed the development of its game engine and major features.

ICO Dates
27 Jun 2018 - 27 Aug 2018
Token Type
Available for Sale
Pre sale Price
1 WPT = 8.3299999
ICO price
1 WPT = 8.3299999
ETH, BTC, Fiat
Hard Cap
18M $
Tokens for sale
  • 1

    Initial game idea & concept realised

  • 2

    A team of 6 programmers started working on the software architecture, developing and completing the game engine from scratch

  • 3

    The game engine testing began, as was the development of the frontend prototype on React Native. The project also started attracting interests from early investors.

  • 4

    Blockchain Technology became suitable for the game, work on the ICO & economic system of the game started. The Financial Model + Investor Business plan was composed.

  • 5
    2018 April - May

    Launch ICO, Worldopoly Token Sale, new in-game objects and auction for their sale will begin.

  • 6
    2018 July - August

    Listing the WPT token on Exchanges, implementation of marketing strategies.

  • 7
    2018 August

    Beta Release of the Worldopoly mobile app with the economic system.

  • 8
    2018 September

    Launch of in-game chat and push notifications of important game events, for example, when someone buys the most expensive building.

  • 9
    2018 October - November

    Stable Release of Worldopoly mobile app in the AppStore & PlayStore

  • 10
    2018 December

    Users will be able to receive revenue from advertisements placed on their game objects, as well as, being able to place adverts of their own.

  • 11
    2019 February

    New features, new options for in-game building improvement, new methods of interaction between players, as well as the introduction of unique objects

  • 12
    2019 March

    Windows 10 support & release of Worldopoly in the Microsoft Store

  • 13
    2019 April

    Further AI integration.

  • 14
    2019 September

    Personalization for end users and advertisers. The Creation of SDK & technology such as ARKit / ARCore for outdoor building/shape recognition.