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What is YouToken? YouToken - First Blockchain-based Crowdfunding platform. We are building a platform where each creative individual (artist, doctor, technician, etc.) will be able to feature his/her talents and sell shares representing those talents in exchange for financial support/real investments. Just like investors are able to purchase Google stocks or Apple stocks, they will be able to purchase stocks representing real humans (entrepreneurs). The more successful a creative individual becomes, the more valuable his/her “stock” becomes. We take people’s creative ideas and commitments and convert them into tokens.

  • 1
    October 2017

    Initial development of YouToken’s core concept.

  • 2
    December 2017

    We launch YouToken’s educational programs (“Everything You Need to Know About Bitcoin,”Cryptocurrency Universum,”and “Blockchain for People, Not For Geeks.”)

  • 3
    January 2018

    Development of YouToken marketplace prototype

  • 4
    February 2018

    Proof of Concept Crowdsale (100M tokens offered, min cap = $300k)

  • 5
    February 2018

    Proof of Concept Crowdsale (100M tokens offered, min cap = $300k)

  • 6
    March 2018

    Establishment of hybrid legal structure (U.S., EU, Global) YouToken Marketplace Beta version is released

  • 7
    April 2018

    Opening of head office in Silicon Valley YouToken reaches its goal of 100+ “tokenized” creators featured on the platform The development of sales and marketing, promotion

  • 8
    May 2018

    YouToken begins our DAICO – Business Acceleration (min cap = $3M)

  • 9
    July 2018

    YouToken reaches its goal of 1,000+ “tokenized” creators featured on platform

  • 10
    August 2018

    YTN is available on public crypto-exchanges