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Through autoXchange private vehicle owners and dealers can carry out the entire sales process, from sales and marketing to the signing of finance agreements. autoXchange removes the middlemen and all associated fees. Utilising blockchain technology, autoXchange will create and use the aXc decentralised ledger to store the vehicle history and facilitate transactions using the aXc native token so that all sales are transparent and secure. Through the additional use of smart contracts, aXc token holders will be able to provide P2P car financing and pool aXc tokens with other holders to invest as a community. The decentralized aXc ledger is the engine that regulates all transactions and relationships between all entities. The aXc ledger will keep a record of transactions and vehicle providence, regulating these through transparent and effective smart contracts. As an open source project, the aXc ledger will be free to use by any 3rd party marketplace or application. This will enable market adoption of aXc resulting in increased usage of the aXc token worldwide.

ICO Dates
01 Oct 2018 - 30 Apr 2019
Whitelist / KYC
Whitelist & KYC
Token Type
Available for Sale
ICO price
1 AXC = 0.03 USD
ETH, BTC, Fiat
Hard Cap
23M $
Tokens for sale
Richard Brown
Founder & CEO
Philip Thompson
Cofounder & COO
Leila Mansouri
General Counsel
David Murray-Hundley
Automotive Tech Investor
Sally Eaves
Blockchain Influencer
Jonny Voon
Blockchain at Innovate UK
  • 1
    Q2 2018

    UK registered business autoXchange whitepaper released Community development autoXchange Product development begins

  • 2
    Q3 2018

    Marketing commences Partner marketing aXc Private Sale commences

  • 3
    Q4 2018

    aXc Pre-Sale & Main Sale commence autoXchange strategic partner program launched

  • 4
    Q1 2019 beta release launch autoXchange merchant program aXc hackathons globally aXc exchange listings

  • 5
    Q2 2019 released globally Beta release of financing marketplace in select markets Establish regional presence and multilingual support

  • 6
    Q3 2019

    aXc p2p financing on released in select markets enforced by legally binding smart contracts Marketing capaign for aXc propagation and aXc awareness

  • 7
    Q4 2019

    Target 2million cars listed on autoXchange & aXc ledger autoXchange Fund 1 launch

  • 8

    Expansion activities in core markets autoXchange Fund 2 launched