ICO Ended
699 days 19 hours ago


eHarvestHub is making fresh food affordable and accessible to consumers by connecting small farmers directly with retailers and. Independent carriers. Using Blockchain to make food prices transparent from farm to store and smart contracts to ensure farmer and truckers get paid on time.

ICO Dates
04 Jul 2018 - 15 Sep 2018
Whitelist / KYC
Token Type
Available for Sale
Pre sale Price
1 EHH = 0.3
Hard Cap
15M $
Tokens for sale
  • 1
    NOV 2011 – JUL 2012

    Age of Discovery. Customer Discovery. Business Plan created. Team assembled. Advisory Board created. eHarvestHub becomes a Delaware C Corp. PTI Traceability.

  • 2
    JAN 2013 – DEC 2014

    PTI Traceability. Traceability MVP soft launch. Version 2 of MVP Released (2014). Version 1 of Order Management System(OMS). Raise $87,000 Friends & Family Round.

  • 3
    JAN 2015 - OCT 2015

    The farm tools. Release V2 Order Management System. Farmers tracked more than 4 million cases of fresh produce. Win 1st Place at PUSHTECH 2020 and the industries Produce Marketing Association (PMA), SARTA AgTech and San.

  • 4
    NOV 2015 - MAR 2016

    $ 1 million in VC funding. Closed $1Million from Tim Draper’s Ventures Lab & Kaiwu Capital Begun development of Marketplace, Transportation platform and Inventory Management System (IMS).

  • 5
    JUL 2016

    Engineering Talent. Partnered with Universidad Americana de Managua (UAM) and Universidad Nacional de Ingenieria (UNI) in Nicaragua to carry out a weekend hackathon to find our awesome development team.

  • 6
    DEC 2016

    MarketPlace done! Marketplace and Inventory Management System are Completed and released. Transportation done!

  • 7
    JAN 2017

    Transportation done! eHarvestHaul platform completed and released. Blockchain Traceability.

  • 8
    NOV 2017 - APRIL 2018

    Blockchain Traceability. Commence Blockchain traceability development and test in Nicaraguan Pilot. Blockchain Traceability will connect the consumer directly to the Farmer. Pre-ICO.

  • 9
    APRIL 5 TO 18

    Pre-ICO. Our bonus structure reflects how important you are to us. ICO Event.

  • 10
    APR 2018

    ICO Event. ICO tentatively will start April 28th ending May 24th, 2018. We expect to sale approximately 30 million EHH tokens. EHH Token in Circulation.

  • 11
    MAY 2018

    EHH Token in Circulation. Token marketplace platform to be completed. Token contributors will be able to list and directly sale EHH tokens to eHarvestHub customers.

  • 12
    DEC 2018

    150,000 Transaction. California Farmers generate 150,000 transaction through eHarvestHub. EHH Token used P2P.

  • 13
    JAN 2019

    EHH Token used P2P. Customers will begin using EHH Token to pay for products and services offered in eHarvestHub Marketplace.