Our goal is to better support and embrace software developers. There are a number of places developers can list their product for sale and there are companies that will help promote software. eTardis is different. Our focus is the developer and their product. We will help support the developer to do what they like to do the most, develop great software. As such, we will purchase the distribution rights for their product to give them an up-front payment. We will then start to market and sell their product with our proprietary concept to maximize profits. The profits don’t just return to eTardis. They are distributed in a unique way between the developer, eTardis operation costs, and reinvestment into marketing activities. The more a product earns, the more investment it will get into marketing and sales activities to benefit both the eTardis company and product developer. If that isn’t enough, eTardis wants to recognize the relationship between the developer and the company. Although the developer is not part of eTardis, they can be eligible for profit sharing.

ICO Dates
Whitelist / KYC
Token Type
Available for Sale
ICO price
1 eDIS = 100 eDIS
Tokens for sale
  • 1
    1 Month

    Setup 3DCart for Ecommerse Setup DRM System supplier Setup legal contracts for employees, Maze Creator software distribution, entity, etc. Start hiring of key employees & start HR services Legal Business Entity completed

  • 2
    2 Months

    Enable First products; debug Ecommerse to DRM connections: - MazeCreator HOME - MazeCreator STD - MazeCreator PRO Copy Ecommerse master to additional Customer Facing sites Start On-boarding new employees

  • 3
    3 Months

    Start to accept Joint Listings Open new hires for unfilled critical employees to recruiters Finalize legal contracts for distribution options: eTardis (sponsored), Listed, Joint Finalize Profit Sharing participation agreement

  • 4
    4 Months

    Accepts Joint Distributions Start Loading Open-Source (Donation-ware)

  • 5
    5 Months

    Accept Listed Distributions

  • 6
    6 Months

    Accept eTardis Distributions (Sponsored)

  • 7
    7 Months

    Start efforts for eDIS Forum/Blog