Terrible crypto-event in Norway

1 Year ago / News / Law and Legislation


A terrible cripto-event took place in Norway on Wednesday between 8:00 and noon in the city of Majorstone, in one of the wealthy suburbs of Oslo. A 24 year old man was brutally murdered with a knife after selling bitcoins. According to ccn.com, a certain source in the police claims that these two events: the exchange of cryptocoin and the murder may have a connection.

A neighbor found the corpse, probably he called the police and said that among the fellowship the victims were aware of his passion for cryptocurrency.

The chief of the intelligence department of the Oslo Police Department, Gret Lien Metlid, said in an interview that the investigators had received a tip to link murder to cryptocurrency transactions, but refused to say whether they would develop this version. However, he hinted that they were investigating “widely”, not excluding any versions, and “economic motives” in the work of the investigators are always important.

At the time of publication of the article, no arrests were made, no suspects were announced. Judicial analysts continue to build forecasts about this case.